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Best places to study for me

Hi everyone, just thought that I would write a quick blog about best places to study because I know for most students this is when formative essays and tests are under way so its helpful to know some places that are great for sociology students. Obviously everybody studies differently some people work better in a quiet environment whereas others thrive when it is busy. I definitely find that I concentrate better in a quiet study area because I can get really easily distracted so I will tell you about the places I tend to go when I really need to focus.

First, last year the library was always my first choice. I would recommend the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors since they are all silent and there is usually desk space however during exam time the library is absolutely crammed so by the end of 1st year I got slightly sick of it.

Second, the learning grid, for those of you who haven’t used it yet, I really loved it during exam time because it was a minute walk away from where I lived on campus. There is a few meeting rooms on the left that are sometimes open for study if not I recommend going through to the silent area through the glass panels. There is never anybody speaking in there and I found it a great place to study last year.

Third, the sociology common room, for those who also don’t know where that is, if you go into the social sciences entrance facing onto the bus interchange and go left through the automatic door, the common room is at the bottom of the corridor on your right. I actually never used there last year but it is fab if you want to bring some lunch there is a microwave to heat up food, unlimited tea and coffee. Also if you’re lucky nobody will be in there so you can spend a while getting some work done.

Fourth, your room. I know many of you 1st years on campus will want to use the study areas available but I would definitely take advantage of your rooms because next year you’ll be in Leamington. I definitely used my room a lot last year because I would lock the door to avoid flatmates coming in and just be able to concentrate on work.

Finally, if you don’t mind a bit of talking, then costa or curisitea can be a nice social place to do work if you don’t fancy being on your own. I used them on the odd occasion and found it not too bad but then again there is no guarantee they won’t get really loud especially late afternoon.

I hope this helps and that all you sociology students aren’t finding essays too challenging. I am currently making my way through my formative essays too lets keep pushing everyone, only 4 weeks to go until we break up for CHRISTMAS!

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