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Best places to eat a jacket potato on campus

Hey everyone!

I love jacket potatoes.

with baked beans and cheese, of course.

30 weeks at Warwick, dare I say, I am an expert. Below is my spud-tactular and exhaustive list (as far as I am aware) of everywhere you can purchase a jacket potato on campus – enjoy!

University House – Westwood

3/5 stars

At £2.50, I was slightly disappointed by the little amount of cheese and the limited side options, compared to the library cafe, although it was still tasty. However, there is hardly ever a long queue, given that University House is based all the way in Westwood, aka miles away from central campus – you can easily spend your entire time at Warwick without visiting if you don’t have an exam there. On a more positive note though, this makes the University House a great place to work – it tends to be relatively quiet and it is a great opportunity to get a nice walk there and back.

Library Cafe – Central campus

5/5 stars

At £2.25, this is the cheapest jacket potato on campus, and my most frequently visited. The library cafe is also the quickest place to grab a hot lunch on campus (provided you don’t go exactly on the hour when there will be a long queue) to eat in or take away. You can choose between a side salad, garlic bread, chips or no sides with the potato (although the price is the same regardless!).

The only downside is that the cheese isn’t melted, but for the price and ease, you can’t complain…

Warwick Arts Centre

2/5 stars

I apologise as I forgot to take a photo, and at £2.75, I only visited that one time. The side options are the same as the library cafe, though the portion size is a little smaller.

A great place to do some light studying with a lovely atmosphere, although does tend to get very loud.

Making your own

10/10 stars – olives…

A nice and easy meal to make before flat board games.

Shanita 🙂 xo

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