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“Best Job on Campus”

Before I came to Warwick, I knew that I wanted to get a job alongside my studies, to help build my skills and to earn a bit of extra money to supplement the student loan! When I got here, I was wandering around the stalls on the welcome weekend, where I met a group of very friendly people in yellow polo shirts, who explained that they were Warwick Welcome Service ambassadors (aka student ambassadors) and that maybe I should consider applying to be one of them. I’ve been on the Welcome Service ever since, and I love it.

The application process was pretty standard – CVs, covering letters and all that jazz. It was followed by an assessment centre-y thing, where we did a lot of activities about scenarios we might face as an ambassador – from needing a first aider on an open day to answering awkward questions on campus tours. After we were selected, we had a lot of training on safeguarding and the proper way to give a campus tour and conduct ourselves at other events. For bigger events, like the open days, we have more training nearer the time to let us know about any new policies.

One of the great things about the Welcome Service is how flexible the working hours are. I’m only required to work a minimum of two events per year, but I can sign up to any events that I’m available for and want to work on through the website.

A list of jobs on the WWS website

I also really enjoy the variety of work on offer – campus tours, school visits and UCAS fairs are some of the main ones, but you also get one-off events that make things interesting. I’ve supervised craft activities with primary schools, staffed a reception desk overnight, staffed the park and ride for graduations, taught new ambassadors to give tours, built balloon chairs with sixth-formers… Every shift is different, so even two campus tours can be completely different depending on the group of guests.

In the summer, there’s the opportunity to work on the Warwick summer schools – residential stays for 14-18-year-olds who are interested in going to university and typically come from widening participation backgrounds. When I was in school, I was considered to be from a WP background, and so I attended three similar residentials and loved them – I knew that I wanted to be one of the student ambassadors one day, so it’s a great opportunity to work on them.

For anyone coming to Warwick and interested in seeing what “makes the university tick”, I’d highly recommend applying – they pay is pretty great too (and if you stick with it, you might be chosen as a Senior Ambassador on some events and get paid a higher rate).

Two student ambassadors posing outside the campus tours tent on an open day

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