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Best Coffee on Campus

As a caffeine addict, I understand the importance of a good coffee right at the start of your day. Having tried practically every coffee place on Campus and the fact that I am a coffee connoisseur, I believe I am a good judge of the many coffee shops Warwick offers. Therefore in this article, I want to list all of the coffee places I have visited and give you my opinion. 

Pret A Manger

First up, we have the famous Pret. It is located on Central Campus, which gives it a significant advantage over some of the places on the list. It is close to practically all of the departments and the bus stop. Meaning that right after you get off, you can quickly get your morning coffee. The good thing about Pret is their subscription; for 25 pounds, you can get five drinks a day every 30 minutes. If you think that’s a bit much, you can always share it with friends, because I don’t think I have ever used the five drinks. However, if you do not want to pay 25 pounds, the coffee without the subscription is not that expensive, it is 2,65 pounds for a cappuccino with a reusable cup, and they do not charge for oat milk! The quality of coffee is not that bad; out of all of the Campus options, I would give it 4 out of 5 coffee beans. 


Next up is Curiositea, which is located right opposite Pret, so also on Central Campus. What I like about it is its interior design. It looks like and feels like an actual cafe. Apart from the desk chair arrangement, you can also relax on a sofa, making it a perfect chill option. An oat cappuccino costs 3 pounds (because they charge for plant-based milk), which is a bit much considering Pret, which is right opposite has it cheaper, but I guess it’s because of the atmosphere and the fact that most of the time there is no line, unlike in Pret. I would also give it a 4 out of 5 coffee beans simply because of the decor. But the truth is I rarely go there because of its proximity to Pret.

Cafe Library and Social Sciences Cafe

Most department buildings have their Cafe, and they all serve the same coffee as they are a part of the Warwick Retail. In my opinion, their coffee is the best of all of the places I have tried. It is the perfect proportion of milk to coffee. The other good thing is that they have their stamps card, which allows you to get the tenth coffee for free. The only bad thing I have to say about these cafes is the fact that they are a bit expensive. Especially for someone who has to drink oat milk. A regular oat cappuccino costs 3.10 pounds without the reusable cup discount. However, if you remember to bring your reusable cup, the price goes down to 2.85, which is a typical coffee price. So save your money and the environment! In my opinion, it deserves the 5 out of 5 coffee beans! 

Starbucks in the Library

To be honest, I’m not too fond of Starbucks coffee everywhere, even in their branded cafes. The only time I would go there, is if Cafe Library was closed. The prices are not that bad, but the coffee itself is too bitter for me. So I am sorry to all Starbucks lovers, but I am giving it a 2 out of 5 coffee beans.


This Cafe is located in the Lord Bhattacharyya building. Its location is not the best; unless you are a STEM student, it is probably next to your department. Sadly due to its location and the fact that they serve Starbucks coffee, this Cafe will not get many coffee beans. However, I have to admit that the decor and the overall feeling of the place is similar to Curiositea. It is more modern and a perfect place for both studying and catching up with friends. Therefore it will receive 3 out of 5 coffee beans. 

I hope this little list will help you choose the best place for your morning coffee. Let me know if I have missed anything, and please tell me about your favourite coffee places in Warwick.

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