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Benefits of starting revision early

I realised my previous post about my summer exams is not quite suitable for the time of the year. Turns out, most people on campus are celebrating the end of January exams. Regardless, I officially started exam preparation this week because we are into February now. The plan is to warm up in February and hopefully catch up on everything (including thermodynamics) and then from March onwards, it’d be only marathon study sessions. Only recently, I created a timetable for myself that I am able to stick to!

Since I’ve been feeling awkward that I might be the only one who has started exam preparation, I thought I should reflect upon the benefits of starting revision early:

  • You feel like you have forever to do your revision. You can go at your own pace without any panic attacks and without feeling the need for all-nighters.
  • You can explore different revision techniques. You can try different ways of taking notes. You can have the best of both worlds: I write out my notes and type them up on my laptop where this repetition helps me absorb the information. For thermodynamics, I don’t even know where I am going to start and how I am going to get my head around it but since kinetics is not too bad, I can see that I have the time now to dig deeper into enthalpy and all the other terms in thermodynamics that I don’t even know.
  • Starting early means you can enjoy revising. You don’t have to rush the process. You can take your time and even read around the topics that you find particularly fascinating. The best feeling is knowing you’re slowly becoming who you wanted to. I love the feeling of becoming that extra bit more like an undergraduate chemist after finishing a chapter and ticking it off on the index page.
  • Starting early means you get to revise the topics that you find easy too! This is my favourite one: I am the person to do great at the supposedly "difficult" topics and mess up the "easy" ones and this is mainly because I never revise the easy ones. Starting early means you don’t have to prioritise some topics over others. You can go over all of them.
  • How much work do you think you can get done over the Easter break? Perhaps think about how much you got done over Christmas as opposed to how much you had planned to do; especially if you had January exams. I’m sure not all of you would have had an ‘Of Mice and Men’ style vacation like mine where revision plans went haywire and life resulted in a full circle and in the end, you realised that you didn’t learn much the four weeks. However, if this sounds familiar, then an early beginning might help change the outcome.

Good luck everyone!

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