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Being vegetarian at university

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Hey everyone! I hope all first-years are having a fun welcome week, and that you’ve settled into your accommodation. The first few weeks can feel a little weird; your routine will naturally be a bit disturbed, and it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A positive side to this is that, when you cook for yourself, it’s much easier to change up your diet. I’ve been vegetarian for around four years, and a lot of my friends have also stopped eating meat since moving to uni.

There are loads of reasons to go veggie at uni. First of all, it’s cheaper! Although meat alternatives (especially branded ones like Quorn) can still be expensive, a weekly shop usually works out cheaper if you leave out the meat. In my first year I always found I was spending less than my flatmates who bought meat, even though we bought and ate the same amount of food. In my experience, if you keep the fancy meat substitutes as an occasional buy rather than a must-have, you’ll find it leaves you more money to spend on days/nights out!

Another reason to cut out meat at uni is health. Of course, not all healthy food is vegetarian, and not all unhealthy food is meat based. However, I found that by cutting out processed meats and replacing it with fresh veg, my diet and general health improved dramatically. Then this has a knock-on effect with your mental health and motivation, and before you know it you’re one step closer to being a fully-functioning university student!

It can definitely be difficult to stop eating meat, especially if you’re someone who used to eat it regularly. If anything, it’s just hard to find things to make up a substantial meal. It can also be an issue if you live with people who eat meat. If you’re doing it for environmental reasons, like myself, sometimes it’s easier to start by limiting meat to three days a week, then one day a week before going full veggie, or only buying sustainably sourced meat. You may be used to meat being the main part of a meal, so it can be difficult to replace that. You can try tofu, meat substitutes, or just pile up the veg! If you’d like some examples, there’s loads of fantastic recipes on BBC Good Food, and they even have a list of meals specifically for students!

On campus, the Rootes grocery store has a lot of vegetarian/vegan lunch things, as well as things for cooking. There are also plenty of veggie and vegan places to eat outside uni. Wagamamas – a personal favourite of mine – has a large vegetarian/vegan menu, and is quite student friendly price-wise! Leamington is a student town, so as a result most independent cafes and restaurants are very vegetarian/vegan friendly. They are dotted all over the place, particularly in north Leamington, with every cuisine under the sun and various price ranges for when your maintenance loan starts to look a bit small!

I hope this helps, and if you have more questions about anything veggie, feel free to message me! 

BBC Good Food- student recipes: 

Here is a link for the Warwick University Vegetarian and Vegan society: 

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Rosanna Holmes | Theatre and Performance Studies Contact Rosanna

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