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being organized worked!

Hi all,  

Well looks like winter has well truly landed, I got absolutely soaked doing the school run this morning.  

Anyway, thought I’d give you an update on the last blog. 

Looks like my getting organized worked! I got my formative essay done and handed in, decided on my case study for my coaching and mentoring module and all my reading is up today (a little less stressed)I’ve also had my first dissertation meeting, my supervisor liked my topic and gave me some great advice, so looks like I’m now doing surveys and some interviews, so look out for the links to complete my survey HA HA HA  My literature review is now well underway and so feeling like I’m in control, I’m sure that will all change as I get closer to the other deadlines… but as long as stay organized I can do this!  

I’ve finally decided to defiantly apply for the career development and coaching studies master’s , I have looked through all the information and have started writing my personal statement, all very exciting but also very nerve racking, 4 years ago I would never have thought I could get a degree never mind be applying for a masters, its amazing how far we can come in such a short time. 

So what else! My daughter has decided what course she wants to do at university next year, and has started the application process, can’t believe my baby girl is going to be going to university, they grow up far too quick but so proud of what she’s achieved, and I know if she carries on working as hard as she does she will go far. 

So what else have I been up to, well not sure if you are all aware but I am also a student ambassador and a digital skills mentor for the CLL department. Anyway, I have just started a new project as part of my role as a digital skills mentor, and so on a Tuesday between 10am –12 noon I go to Canley library to offer digital skills support to the local community, a nice way for Warwick to engage with the local community, so if you know anyone that’s not a student but would benefit from some IT support tell them to pop along. On a Wednesday I am also in the Westwood computer room so any CLL students that need IT support can pop along, there’s also someone in there on a Tuesday and Thursday 12 – 2pm. 

So busy busy busy!   

Thank you for reading my blogs hope they help in some way  

See you all soon 

Emma x

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