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Behaviour: being respectful and considerate towards others (all situations)

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

I thought of four situations/ locations where you have to be respectful towards others and not be on the bully side, as I believe no one should ever feel uncomfortable for the way you think and the words that escape your mouth.

1. In the classroom

-your teachers and classmates/ course mates do deserve your respect, as you learn in a public educational institution; you are all there to learn, to improve, to become better than the person you were yesterday, to achieve as many opportunies and goals as you can, thus you can learn to respect all differences between you and other people and treat them as kind as you possibly can.

2. In your flat

-your flat mates are the strangers that ultimately become your closest friends; you should keep all your belongings clean, your room clean, your kitchen, the bathroom especially if it is shared; the walls are thick, therefore you should keep your music down, your conversations, phone calls, skype calls and sleepovers quiet.

3. Public transport rides

-people with disabilities and older people do deserve your respect, especially during public transport rides; do offer your seat, your help whenever needed in these cases.

4. Traffic

-being a driver myself, I have seen some nasty situations between drivers not offering priority, not respecing the traffic signs, lights and so on; do offer priority, do respect all the driving rules and speed limits, be polite in all situations.

5. Public spaces (parks, streets, malls,coffee shops, restaurants)

-don’t talk on the phone if there is the possiblity it could bother other people; don’t use swear words; say please and thank you; don’t throw garbage on the streets or in the park; don’t cut in line.

6. Respecting other people’s possessions

-always ask permission before using other people’s property.

7. Respecting personal space

-this is pretty obvious; if you do not know the person that well, if they are not family, or close friends, it is polite to ask before granting permission to touch them.

8. Being assertive, yet respectful

-it is important to respectfully disagree at times; if you have different opinions with someone about something, you can express our own thoughts in a peaceful manner, without causing any discrimination.

9. Never discriminate or stereotype

-never accuse someone’s view based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion; we all have different upbringings, cultures and ways we think, and it is important to respect every way.

10. Learn to apologize and truly learn your lessons

-yes, we are humans and we all make mistakes, but what is important at the end of the day is realizing what you did and taking responsability for your actions that in the end lead to somebody else being hurt. It is never too late to apologize and make someone feel good about themselves, as we all hate being discriminated, stereotyped and alltogether hurt.

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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