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Before Coming To Warwick: How to Prepare

Hi, I’m Mélissa, a second year to be.

Around this time last year, I finished my exams. I had my Leavers’ Ball, which was the talk of the town for a few days, and then everything just seemed to simmer down. Friends were off travelling, and I was at home lost with not knowing how to entertain myself. I remember scrolling through tens, if not hundreds of websites, trying to prepare myself for my upcoming hurdle: University.

I feel that everyone bigs up university. Your sixth-form teachers wish you luck for your future in education, your parents get ready to kick you out the house, your older friends say it’s the best time of their lives… There’s some sort of adreneline rush that comes over your body, and you want to be as ready as possible for the upcoming three to four years of your life. Most unis are quite similar in terms of what you need: books, pens, a few clothes maybe, but this is just the general advice you can find anywhere online. Below, is what you will need to be prepared for your time at Warwick!

Order Yourself A Tesco Clubcard

– I never did it, and now I regret it. I’m passing my knowledge onto you dear Freshers, because trust me, you’ll be going to Tesco’s a lot. Besides Roots Grocery Store, which can be quite pricey, Tesco is the closest shop to campus. It takes about a 5-10mins walk from central campus, and the more you do it, the short the journey becomes. I recommend you order your Tesco clubcard now and get it sent to home, because for some reason, Tesco is unable to send it to your university address (this might have just been for me, but when I asked one of the customer assistants, they advised me the same thing). Even by the end of term one, you will have accumulated lots of clubcard points, and probably some pretty good discounts and offers.

– An unfortunate fact is that buses to Leamington Spa ask for exact change. A single is £2.20 and if you only have a five pound note, well, that’s what you’re going to have to pay in order to get on. Luckily, you are always able to break a note by buying something cheap in Roots Grocery Store, which is just a 30 second walk away from the Bus Interchange.

Bring Fancy-Dress

– This is especially relevant to those who intend to join societies. If you have followed my posts, you will know of Pop!. This is Warwick’s student night, held in the Cooper Rooms in the Student Union. It’s on a Wednesday night, and before the doors open, people attend what one calls ‘circling’. This is where you sit in a room, and well, you drink. You play fun games, you play embarrassing games, you play games which you might not even remember in the morning. Of course, drinking alcoholic drinks is not compulsory, but instead, what is essential, is wearing a costume which matches the theme your society chooses. For example, last year, the French Society had a ‘spots and stripes’ theme. The winner, who dressed up as Tiger from Winnie the Pooh, got a prize for his inventive costume. Of course, you’re always able to DIY your costumes, but it’s always useful to have a few spare cat ears lying around in your dorm.

Take Advantage of the Shuttle Bus

– I can almost guarantee that there will be some second years reading this and think ‘what shuttle bus?’. Well, ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls, Warwick has a free shuttle bus. You can find the route online, but the most useful route (for myself, anyway), was from central campus to Westwood postroom. The journey only takes about 15 mins walking, but sometimes, it’s just nice to just get a quick ride.

And that’s all I can think of which is specific to Warwick! Below I have listed a few other things that are general to your life at uni. Hope it helps!

  • Clothes : underwear, socks, tshirts, smart blouses/shirts, jumpers, coats, jeans, joggers, swimsuit, sports gear, party wear, shoes (heels aren’t really necessary at Warwick, since all the nights out are mainly student ones and nobody really wears heels anyway)
  • Academic : notebook, folders, pens, paper, pencils, rulers, calculators, stapler
  • Electrical : laptop, phone, earphones, chargers, possibly a printer but the printers at Warwick are brilliant and they print on some quality paper
  • Kitchen : a lot of it will be ‘borrowed’ from your flatmates anyway, so best to buy cheap cutlery etc from somewhere like Wilko’s. A frying pan, a saucepan, and a wooden spoon will do. Maybe a token plate that you know is yours along with a mug. In all honesty, I didn’t have much at the end of the year anyway, and what I had was a mixture of mine and other people’s utensils!

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