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Balancing Your Time – a Fourth Year’s Thoughts

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I saw this image on Reddit earlier (while procrastinating) and it got me thinking about balancing your time while at University. There is so much you can do on campus or in Leamington, it’s also the last few (or maybe the only) years of your life where you’re allowed to watch Netflix in bed all day or go out in the week. University courses are meant to teach you the basics and you teach yourself the complexities or encourage you to look up things / practice yourself. The classic in Maths is “proof left as an exercise.” In History it’s a reading list longer than your arm. So how do you make the decision on what to do?

The first thing to do is do what makes you happy. There’s a society for everyone, if you are a sports player (to any standard) there’ll be a team/society for you. Perhaps you are Game of Thrones mad and want to talk to those who love A Song of Ice and Fire as much as you? Do you enjoy gaming, perhaps some offline game like Super Smash Bros, then get yourself to the computing society (I recommend to take a few friends there’s so many classic games). If you enjoy volunteering, go work with Warwick Volunteers or volunteer at Nightline which provides overnight support to students either in person or on the phone. Perhaps you want to learn more about some culture, then there are so many different cultural groups on campus! See what I mean about there being lots to do? I’ve mentioned only five of over a 100 different societies.

Finding a balance with all the things you want to do and your course is a challenge which is why you need to make the most of your first year. You’re on campus and everything is so close to you so why not? Pop round to your friends after a lecture, go watch that film; your course will count much less or perhaps not at all in the first year; I’m not saying ignore your course but you know it can take the backburner for one year! The thing to realise is when to knuckle down. For example, got a class test coming up? Make sure you learn it because if you don’t perform that might be a significant proportion of the module lost and you can’t get marks back. This also serves as a great way to learn the content and makes revising much less stressful because you won’t be learning it for the first time just before your exam!

There have been many times I’ve worked really hard on trivial things and not made the most of the opportunities around me; or times where I’ve done far too many social things abusing my studies and I paid for it with a gruelling revision period! Hindsight as always is 20:20 and there are many things after the fact when I’ve overworked, or where I’ve really regretted not working hard enough.

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