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Balancing Work and University

Lots of students have part time jobs or projects which they work on outside of their studies to earn a little extra cash or give the old CV a boost. I have several friends with weekend/evening jobs and work myself on my business around university. But balancing the two can be tricky, especially when it comes to the end of term when deadlines are coming thick and fast! So what’s the best way of balancing the two?

Planning is the short answer. I use notes on my phone, have a list for every day then just add in what I’ve got on each day as and when they’re booked in. For example, for today I’ve had a meeting for work, then a group meeting for a law presentation, then I’ve had some desk work to do for the business, which has all been listed. Each evening I review and add to what I’ve got to do the next day, and come up with an order to do them in. This way, I keep ahead of any surprises – and ensure I don’t miss any uni or work deadlines!

The same applies for sorting applications for jobs etc… If you plan out when you’re going to have some free time for applications and stick to it, you’ll always be ahead of the game! It’s important to try and plan in some downtime, for example, on Saturday night I’ll be heading off to see a show to get a bit of a break from work, so I’ll be able to come back to it fresh on Sunday!

It’s also worth doing some longer term planning. For example, in weeks 9 and 10 of term you’re bound to be a lot busier with university work – with loads of presentations and assessment deadlines etc… so if you can ensure you have more time for university work in these periods, that’s always a plus!

Finally, the ultimate best way to fit it all in is to get an early start, and get into a routine. Waking up at midday every day isn’t going to give you enough time to do much productive. Whereas getting into a routine of waking up early and getting a good start on the day will 100% help you get the most out of every day. Getting in some form of sport/fitness activity helps too – keeps you fresh!

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