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Balancing uni and part time work

To make a bit of extra money this year, I took up a part time retail job in the city centre. I know many students are often concerned about how working part time might affect academic and social life at uni and while this is a valid concern, especially as degree and society demands vary, I’ve found that it hasn’t been detrimentally stressful at all. 

During the job application process, I tried to be as honest and realistic as possible with my availability hours. Even though I feared missing out on certain jobs because of my limited working hours, I knew I would be better off in the long run working hours that I could balance alongside my workload at university. Thankfully, because Warwick is located in a student city, I found that lots of managers were pretty understanding and willing to provide a flexible schedule that worked best for me. 

Employment websites such as Indeed were also really helpful because I was able to read reviews from past employees about how demanding the job was and how supportive the management was to students. It also gives some advice on how to answer interview questions for specific roles. Unitemps also frequently advertises casual roles on and around campus that pay really well. When I can, I do some of those as well and it’s a great way non-committal way to earn money.

With regards to actually balancing work and study, I do my best to holistically plan my days and weeks. This involves accommodating work, uni, gym and social hours into my schedule. Additionally, I try to break up huge tasks into smaller tasks that I can accomplish in an hour between lectures for example, rather than leaving the task to a 5 hour block of time that I might not have. 


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