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Balancing Life, Uni and Organising a Party

So I had my MA in Social Work interview the other week, it went pretty well or so I thought…

It must have gone well because I’ve been given a conditional place (a massive sigh of relieve!). I am so happy right now, although I know I’ve got to keep focused and make sure I get me 2:1 I now need to take up my place. I’ve also got to apply for the bursary now for the MA; apparently it will be available to apply for on Monday 13 March.

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy, but I’ve made sure I’ve spent time doing other things rather than just my dissertation. On Friday I had a lovely spa day, a whole day by myself to chill and relax is just what I needed. It was great. Although I’ve just spent the whole weekend in the house not feeling well. I’ve also spent some valuable time with John and Faith. We went bowling the other week with some friends and it amazes me how much Faith loved it and how she wanted to take everyone’s go as well as her own. Most importantly Faith is nearly 4. I can’t quite believe this when I started the degree she was 6 months old and now she’s nearly 4, nearly 4 – where has that time gone? If Faith knew you, you would already know, she’s been telling everyone and inviting everyone she can possible think of to her party. All her friends at preschool knew about her birthday party well over a month ago. With some of the parents asking me if what their child was telling them was true! I think she might be a little bit excited. Let’s hope we don’t let her down. So the last couple of weeks I’ve been sorting out invites and looking for things to go into the party bags. I’m so glad that Amazon exists; I’ve brought everything off there, which meant I didn’t have to physically go looking for anything. Just another thought around children’s parties – why are they so expensive? I should be setting up my own business running kids parties; I’d make a fortune! We had to whittle Faith’s party down to 24 kids. I know 24 KIDS! This is the only year she is inviting this many, next year I’ve already told her that she can have a few friends only.

I actually think the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to balance uni work and family life well. I’m not sure if I can really tell you how I’ve managed to do it though! Maybe I’ve just been more organised and focused when I have sat down to do my uni work. Yeah, I think that’s probably it. The mindfulness module has definitely helped me to focus on the ‘here and now’, which has helped to organise what I need to do and when. I can’t express enough that if you are willing to open yourself up to explore new things, take the mindfulness module. You even get chance within the lecture / seminars for meditation each week. It’s great for stress reduction.

I saw my dissertation supervisor the other week too, and I’m glad to say that it’s progressing well. I managed to get everything he wanted me to do before I met up with him, so that’s good. It did mean spending a weekend up at uni to make sure it was complete in time. You know what, if you ever need a quite place to study, any time early Saturday or Sunday mornings up until the early afternoon is great at the uni, it’s so quiet. I guess most of the ‘normal’ students are suffering in bed from hangovers, ok probably not all of them, but it doesn’t seem to be the time they study.

Anyway, that’s enough from me today; I’ve gone on long enough, back to that dissertation and reading for my lectures. Oh and just another couple of weeks and we’ve all made it to Easter! Well done everyone, hang in there; we’re nearly there – The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight! I know Easter probably isn’t going to be much of a break for us, but at least we don’t have to go in for lectures and seminars, and if you’ve got kids that means several weeks at home without them before they break up for Easter. Make good use of your time!

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