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Back to Nature…well, sort of.

This weekend was Wilde…

Firstly we watched a performance of Wilde Creatures at Warwick Arts Centre.  According to the poster below it is on until 30 December and makes a great alternative to a pantomime.  Based on Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales, they were slightly dark and disturbing, yet moralistic and highly entertaining all at the same time.  It was, without a doubt, a fun and fabulous family morning out.  And when we left we were given some wild flower seeds to sow in Spring and be reminded of what really matters.   Even though I have lived in Warwick for 5 years now, I never thought to take advantage of the Arts Centre (but then I’ve never really had much money before either!)  Now I am a student I can get cheaper tickets on certain performances which means I might be able to treat myself and daughters to a little bit more culture in future.

After the show, for some insane reason (a few weeks before Christmas, so the shops were heaving) we trundled into Coventry City.  To round off a wonderful day we went to Bean & Leaf Coffee House on Hertford Street, which is just near the Oxfam book shop and very close to Falafel Corner (another great place to eat with amazing customer service and delicious food).  Bean & Leaf has a simple Nordic aesthetic and a cosy basement area, with blankets to snuggle up in on chilly days.  It also boasts delicious coffee, great cakes and as you can see from the photo, and most importantly to me, lovely friendly happy staff!  I won’t tell you what I said to them to make them laugh though   :op

Days like these are ones I treasure; smiley faces all around xXx

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