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Back home for Christmas

Wow is it weird to be back home…for any of you that don’t know I am a typical Northern girl living in Preston so only a couple of hours away from university on the train. I came home to a chippy tea on Sunday, literally haven’t had a chippy for so long! Anyway, its been great so far, got to see my cute little dog Dexter and my grandparents and its starting to feel like Christmas now!

I decided that whilst I was back home for a month I will pick up a few shifts at a pub that I previously worked at before going to university. Its a great job to pick up whilst I am home because I enjoy being a busy person so I didn’t want to be stuck in the house all Christmas doing course work. It was great to see everyone again and have a good laugh, they’ve decorated the pub down to a tee! It looks great and so does my house, my mum put up the tree before I got home it looks stunning I will be sure to take a picture and put it on the blog!

However, I have been mostly focussing my effort on getting my essays completed because I have a lot to do this Christmas so if I get cracking early I will feel much better. For The Social Theory of Law, I have been set a 2500 word essay on Legal Positivism, this I consider my hardest essay so I am starting it first (great trick for anybody with a few essays, do the hardest first don’t leave it last!). I have started doing some reading for it and making notes which I willl build up into a hopefully decent essay haha! I will then move onto my Health and Medicine 3000 word essay on the ‘new’ medical sociology. I found this module the most interesting so hopefully this will reflect in my essay. I then have my Designing Social Research portfolio to complete. This is made up of three essays, one of which I have completed, but I have two more to go, which I am considering doing along the way. I recommend Sociology students to crack on with your work now because it will reduce any stress you have towards it, don’t leave it until the last minute!

Anyway enough of work talk! I hope that those of you who have gone home for Christmas are having a relaxing time! I have lots of exciting plans coming up this Christmas, which I am mega excited for! I have already hit Manchester Christmas Markets, a must see for anybody that is in that area if not Birmingham German Markets are also amazing! I will be off up to the Lake District for Christmas Day and Boxing Day with my family as well as having numerous Christmas coffees with my friends and plenty of mince pies! I will post more blog this December so make sure you look out for them! Stay safe and for now….have a Merry Christmas! Any questions please feel free to email:

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