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Back for term 2

Started term and hit the ground running. Crammed in all my readings and completed my IATL module. Reinventing Education has been the most enjoyable module I have done throughout my time here at Warwick. Being trusted to present my findings and outline my arguments in an innovative way has been so refreshing. I was asked to create an Education Uptopia, I presented my ideas in video format. It was great and I really enjoyed using a different method to make my work accessible to a wider audience, while keeping it to an academic standard.

I am so nervous about this term, solely because it will be my last term at Warwick where I am able to walk into a lecture hall with all of my friends and just learn about the classical world. I need to make the most of it while ensuring that I finish this term with the best possible foundation for when I take my exams. I always perform better in exams since I work well under pressure. Being able to read books and analyse the primary sources thoroughly has been so much fun and I will honestly miss being here.

I have received the rest of my essay feedback, and I am satisfied it hasn’t affected my overall grade too much so it’s not too bad. You need to remember how much your essays and exams are worth per module and the number of CATS. This helps you to put things into perspective and will either relax you or put you straight back into the correct gear to motivate yourself to work harder. Quite frankly it has done the latter since I was expecting higher marks and I made silly mistakes that affected my grade. Not to worry I can improve next time, being a third-year student you are expected to do a lot more than what you are used to, it’s time to be original and concise (two things I clearly struggle with). But do not forget to relax and attend your societies and meet up with your friends, your time at university is much more than the grade on your paper, it’s an experience that you need to embrace and enjoy. It will never come around again, step out of your comfort zone and thrive off the challenges thrown at you. Difficult situations with tutors, friends even being away from home will teach you a lot about yourself and who you are as a person, which will then help you develop further each day.

Freshers flu is around, stay warm, hats, gloves and scarfs on! Believe me staying warm really does help, and exercise move your body, sitting at a desk all day hurts your back. When you are writing your essays or assignments just get up and walk around for 1 song, or when you are on the phone to someone, walk and talk. Move your body, your back and posture will thank you for it.

Enjoy week 2!

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