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Baby steps are related to happiness

The summer has been very busy since a lot of family commitments have been appearing on an hourly basis. Which I love and appreciate, I wouldn’t change it for the world. But at some time reality will kick in and you feel the sudden pressure to kick start future planning. Yes, that has just happened to me.

I have just enrolled for my final year as a Classical Civilisation student at Warwick. My childhood dream is almost over. But now it’s time to develop new dreams. I have been scrolling through facebook and chatting to graduates seeing what their next steps are. Some have no idea what their plans are and are currently in freedom mode, others are volunteering abroad, either teaching or helping to develop an underprivileged community in some sort of way. Others are on graduate schemes, in businesses, further study and even getting married! Honestly, there are over a million paths to choose from, why? because we each have our own purposes and individual skills. We may be in different chapters of our lives and need time to educate ourselves in different aspects in order to feel confident to move onto the next step. That is completely normal. But do not waste your potential by taking too long to take action, take baby steps often, not baby steps then reward yourself with a 5-year nap. Sounds picky, but time is going quickly and people are fighting for each other’s spots within the working world.

It’s now time to challenge yourself and putting yourself out there! Think outside of the box, use your passions to create a career for yourself. It is through the enjoyment of your development that will allow you to go even further and grow even more. Write those emails, and apply for those jobs, find more work experience and create a Linkedin Account. Search through the Warwick website and make use of every opportunity you are paying for! Yes it takes time, and yes it is tedious but the more you do now the easier it is for you in the future. Something that forces me to take action is making appointments with people, instead of fluttering through websites and trying to find out what it is you want to be, talk to someone. Anybody, your family, friends, careers adviser even your tutor. Saying something will effectively encourage you to take action, it’s like giving yourself a command to complete. Through this communication that person can then ask you in the next month or so, how is your progress? The pressure is on and BOOM you’re getting close to your goal.

New term is coming and you want to look back thinking your summer was used productively, that CV is not going to look appealing simply by using bullet points and a pretty font, you need to demonstrate your fantastic personality through the actions you have made, its easy to say I am dedicated and punctual: if it’s not on the CV, then you’re lying to me.

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