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Autumn is coming…

Summer is now drawing to a close. Most of my mates have headed back to their respective universities to try and turn their varying degrees of ‘accommodation’ into something vaguely habitable. Meanwhile, I remain up north, finishing off some work bits and getting things ready for my second year!

I’ll be living in a semi-detached house in south Leamington – a place with Warwick students dotted all over! There are also a ridiculous number of hairdressers around my place… Not entirely sure what to make of that…

Either way, I’ll be studying the following modules this year:

IB1130 Business Law 1

IB2550 Entrepreneurship and New Businesses

IB2350 Finance 1: Financial Markets

IB2490 Global Environment of Business (compulsory)

IB2500 Global Integrative Project (compulsory)

IB2480 Governance, Politics and Corporate Accountability (compulsory)

IB2090 Marketing

IB3820 Project Management

IB3840 Supply Chain Management

So if anybody has any questions on what these modules are like/about then let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them! I’m especially looking forward to the entrepreneurship, marketing and business law modules – that’s the kind of stuff I’m interested in! I’ll try and write a little about each module as I get into them.

I’m planning on moving in on the 1st October, perhaps with a quick trip to Ikea en route. I’ve only visited my house once, so who knows what to expect…

Best of luck to everyone joining Warwick this year – you’ll have a great time I’m sure!

See you there,


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