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Aussie slang (words you should know!)

G’Day! How ya going?

Aussie slang deffo lives up to its hype. We were first introduced to some of the most common slang words during the welcome talk. Despite being warned of their common usage, I still assumed that “they exist but nobody uses them in a serious context”… similar to most of London slang. Oh how wrong I was, these are just some of the words you will be exposed to pretty much from the moment you enter the land Down Under:

Arvo – Afternoon (why?!)

Avos – Avocados

Barbie – Barbecue (Aussies love their barbecues, be prepared to use this daily)

Brekkie – Breakfast

Brissy – Brisbane

Choccy Biccy – Chocolate Biscuit (Surely it’s easier to just use the full words?)

Chrissie – Christmas

Deffo – Definitely

Docco – Documentary (It was when one of my lecturers said ‘Docco’ that it really hit me just how seriously Aussies take their slang)

Down Under – Australia

Footy – Australian Rules Football

Fair Dinkum – True

G’Day – Hello!

Goon – A boxed wine

How ya going? – How are you doing?

JAFFY – Just Another First Year (aka ‘Freshers’ in the United Kingdom)

Kiwi – Somebody from New Zealand

Maccas – McDonald’s

Mate – Friend (Everybody you meet will become your mate)

Mozzies Mosquitos

Op shop Charity shop

Roo – Kangaroo

Ta – Thank you

Thongs – Flip Flops (For a country who love their beaches, this was not a good term to have… thank you mates for reminding me to take my thongs…)

Whoever suggests that coming to Australia doesn’t allow for language exposure has not experienced the beauty of Australian slang!

Shanita xo

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