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Aussie Facts

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So I’ve been in Australia for 2 months now (how time flies!) and I thought I would dedicate this post to everything weird and wonderful about Aus life.


When you picture Australia you usually picture kangaroos everywhere, koalas on every tree, and spiders bigger than your head hunting you down – or, at least I did when I first arrived! But the animals are actually (for now) a lot more normal and tame than that. Kangaroos generally don’t dwell in the city – you have to (unfortunately) travel quite a way out to see them in the wild! Koalas are actually extremely rare in the wild too; I haven’t even seen one yet! And I only saw my first spider yesterday so that’s a weight off my shoulders! But there are, weirdly, a lot of possums roaming around and a huge variety of birds which, as lovely as they may look, make a load of noise; not a nice wake-up call at 6am!


My first thoughts about Aus were barbecues, shrimp and vegemite; while the latter is definitely true, the food is much more varied than that. Sushi and dumplings are the most popular food here (yeah I still haven’t worked out why) so you’ll be seeing Asian restaurants everywhere you look, especially when in the city. One great thing about Australia, though, is that they cater for so many more food requirements than in the UK: gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan food is readily available everywhere you go and is considerably cheaper at the grocery store.


Weirdly, I worried about the variety of shops I would find here; what would I do without River Island, Primark, and even Tesco. But I can guarantee you it’s just a normal country with normal people and you can find an H&M and Topshop with no problem at all!

Pedestrian crossings…

Yes I know this seems like a weird one but I really want to talk about how different they are! It was one of the first things I noticed and I can still never get used to it! Jaywalking in Australia is super illegal so everyone takes great pride in using the pedestrian crossing systems. But, unlike in the UK, you don’t wait for what seems like a lifetime and get greeted with a nice beeping noise; Australian crossings are almost instant (win!) and make a weird clicking noise which is just plain strange to me. They also have massive roads over here, meaning that the crossing noise is NEVER long enough and you will definitely find yourself running the last few metres to avoid being honked at by an angry bus driver!


Sunshine, shorts, and sunglasses! Sadly not. It’s only just turning spring over here and the winter was – unfortunately – just like the UK autumn. Windy and wet, I managed to at least find one thing that made me feel like I was at home in England. Just like the UK too, Melbourne is known for its changeable weather, so all that preparation at home means I’m used to carrying sunglasses and a brolly around with me no matter what!

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