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For my course, as it stands, attendance is taken in seminars (meaning you have to go to seminars, and if you miss a significant number you can expect it to be taken further) but in lectures, generally, attendance isn’t enforced (you don’t have to sign a sheet).

For me this works really well, it means I’ll be engaged in all the practical discussions which happen in seminars, and if I have to miss a lecture for work/illness/whatever reason I won’t be punished for it, and I can easily catchup by watching the lecture recording on my.wbs. For those of you who don’t know, my.wbs is an online portal, much like a VLE, for business school students. It houses everything from notices, timetables, grades, lecture capture, notes and much more – it’s ace!

From my experience, however, some students seem to avoid coming to a fair few lectures, preferring to view the lecture in their own time online. On the face of it, fair enough. It makes sense to watch lectures in bed in your joggers rather than getting dressed, going to campus, and watching the lecture live. There are, however, a few issues. For one, I can almost guarantee that you’ll take more in if you go to the real thing. Secondly, if you have a question, comment or answer, it’s impossible to give if you’re watching from home surrounded by pot noodles and coffee. Thirdly, it’s not exactly sociable – how do you expect to meet people if you spend all day watching lectures in your room?! Finally, lecture capture relies on this thing called ‘technology’, which is historically somewhat unreliable. There have been numerous instances where sound hasn’t been recorded etc… which will result in you losing that lecture’s content by not attending!

My advice? Attend lectures where you can. I’m not going to try and preach that you should attend every lecture in a term, it’s just not feasible if you have other commitments! But I would certainly advice attending as many as you can, it really helps! Even if it does mean getting up stupidly early for that 9am…

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