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At last!!!!!!

First of all sorry for not posting over the last month or so but exams hit me hard! But now finally, at last, it is over! The problem at university during exam periods is it is often difficult to switch off your brain after a long day. Your room is often a place of work and that separation like you had at school is hard to come by. This makes the whole process tediously long and the difference between school and university is often that it is simply impossible to learn the full course. The reason is, is that lecturers can continuously ask you questions that knowledge from other areas is really useful; as you learn more and more this becomes increasingly difficult. So even if you’re great at the questions, know the majority of the content, they can always throw a swerveball that you’re not going to be able to answer. What is a lot better than school is that there is not always a final answer. This is particularly true in the more mathematical subjects as you try and prove things. Simply talking about the direction you’re intending to take or trying it is often a sure enough way to pick up a lot of marks. Remember that 65-80 is the new 90-100 at university!

Well I’ve had 8 exams the last term; 2 at the start of term and 6 at the end. My exams were in Mathematical Analysis III, Mathematical Methods, Mathematical Economics 1A, Stochastic Processes, Mathematical Statistics B, Linear Statistical Modelling, Mathematical Programming II and Foundations of Finance. I intend to write a blog about each module so I won’t go into too much detail right now. I’ve been surprised about how manageable I found exams this year in comparison to last. I think it’s due to the fact that I now live in Leamington so switching off is easier if I travel to campus to work. Also I believe I’ve become a much better mathematician over the last 2 years. I can now work through problems much easier and I can talk about it much easier. This really does make understanding far easier, couple this with keeping up with modules much better and I’m hoping this is a recipe for success! I find out my results on what I’ve been lead to believe is the 3 of July but I’ve had no official word!

So I finished my exams on the 11 and I had to come straight home to work at the school that I mentioned previously. I’m also starting work at Grant Thornton next Monday so I’m travelling to London Saturday. I’m really looking forward to starting and I intend to write a blogpost Saturday night about the preparation and what I’m expecting. I’ve already had to pick my first project and I know there are plenty more in the pipeline! Anyway I’ll be continuously blogging so please keep up to date!

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