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As a child, my days were always filled with creativity. I cannot remember a day before I was a teenager where I did not battle dragons or strategize war with my sister. Naturally, I was always invested into high fantasy series, particularly Harry Potter as a child, and The Lord of the Rings as I grew older. So is there really a question as to why I’m interested into the arts? Studying an arts degree was an easy choice to make as I knew it was something I was passionate about from the beginning. I’ve never been naturally good at science, I had to put in extreme effort to scrape a barely decent result. The arts, however, have always been something that came naturally to me. History was always a subject I thrived in because I always felt not only confident there, but also excited to learn. I was incredibly lucky to have genuinely passionate teachers who supported and encouraged my growth from Year 7 up until Year 13. Since our curriculum is largely focused on British and Western history, I specifically chose an Ancient History degree at Warwick because I wanted to explore history which I’m unfamiliar with. Moreover, I was beginning to become too comfortable and smug with modern history as I started to find patterns and correlations. However, in Ancient History there are no patterns. Everything they did was turbulent and honestly quite wild. The course here at Warwick genuinely stood out to me because of the department. Every single professor in this department is notable for their achievements, Emmanuela and Michael are scholars that my teachers would tell us about in class. Knowing that you are in capable hands had a big impact on my decision to study here. 

I’m from North West London. Making the decision to go to a university outside of my comfort zone was difficult, there was a stage where all five of my options were in London. It wasn’t until my history teacher, who did his degree at Warwick, convinced me to challenge myself and explore a new lifestyle. He believed it would be beneficial to my development and transition into an adult. Moving out of my city to the midlands was tough, I was on the verge of tears on the M1 for the entire ride to Warwick. There have been difficulties. For example, the culture is entirely different to what I’m used to. Overall I’ve made friends from different backgrounds and families that I could have never imagined. I’m glad I went to a university so different to my home, otherwise I’d never get the change needed for my development. Student life in the arts faculty is versatile, there’s a lot of things to do and participate in. They provide both academic and social experiences such as student mentoring and roles of responsibility. As I’m studying Ancient History and Archaeology, it counts as a joint honours degree. I don’t feel any different to the other classics students as we essentially take the same modules. Second year is where I choose modules specifically to my degree. You can do many things with an arts degree, ranging from journalism to even business. Arts degrees are perfect for both specific career paths and transferable skills. Personally I intend to go into research or museum work because I’ve always had a passion for learning, and I believe research or museum work will be a certain way to keep me interested.    

Shayni Solanki | Ancient History and Classical Archaeology Contact Shayni

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