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Art in Berlin – Part 2

Holly Elliott United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
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Continuing on from the previous post, here are some more fantastic locations in Berlin for lovers of art and history…

Alte Nationalgalerie

5 euros with student ID. One of the more obvious choices of places to visit. Located on Museum Island and home to a large collection, if 18th and 19th Century pieces interest you then this is the place to be. Berlin’s national gallery offers a more conventional and traditional approach in the display of its collections, with a particular focus on Menzel’s creations. This gallery is not only a great place to discover new pieces, but ideal for artists who want to do observational drawing and work closely with the gallery’s collection.

Soviet War Memorial in Treptow

Free Entry. Constructed under Soviet occupation, this colossal piece is one not to be missed. Built in the late 1940s, this memorial can be located in the centre of Treptower Park. A slightly more sinister piece to visit but important in the history of its creation and what it represents to a visitor in the 21st Century. This one may take a while to take in simply because of the vast size of the site, but also immense amount of detail put into every aspect of the site. From the heavy blocks narrating the Soviet’s retelling of the Second World War, to the mosaic found within a tomb at the highest point of the memorial. Physically flawless in its execution, the sharpness of each individual detail and symmetrical layout brings the viewer to confront the even more macabre history of Germany following the Second World War.

Humboldt Forum

Free entry and reduced price to exhibitions with Student ID. Recently completed in its reconstruction, the Humboldt Forum has a rich history from its original purpose as a palace, public space, Palace of the Republic, and now a hub for education. For the last 10 years, the reconstruction of what was previously the Palace of the Republic has been completely redone to emulate the original Baroque style it once had. Not only is the building free to enter, but it doubles up as a social space and museum which makes it a great space for everyone. On the upper levels of the building, the museum spaces can be found that make a point of showcasing work received through Germany’s colonial history, outlining what this means for the future of the works and highlighting the issues raised by the country’s possession of these items.

Other Locations Worth a Visit

In addition to all the locations I’ve mentioned, what makes Berlin such a rich source of history, art, and architecture is the vast amounts of it spread across the city. For the purpose of sticking to the word count here are some other places that are definitely worth a visit during your trip:

  • Sansoucci Palace in Potsdam
  • Capitain Petzel Gallery in the East
  • Gropius Bau in city centre
  • Gallery of Modern Art in city centre
  • Panorama of East and West Berlin next to Checkpoint Charlie
  • Reichstag Building next to Pariser Platz
  • Observing the large amount of street art (this can be found pretty much anywhere and everywhere)
  • Berlin Rathaus

Holly Elliott United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Feel free to ask me any questions related to the…
Find out more about me Contact Holly

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