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Art History Spring Modules

Hi everyone!

As I stated in my last post, I will now be outlining what the new long modules are in the spring term and what other short module I picked…

The first new long module is called History of Art and Intepretation which involves us viewing some of the art collections that are housed at Waddesdon Manor in Aylesbury. We have to work on one of four objects from the collection as well as an example object and will be learning how to look at and interpret them, as well as how to communicate this information in the form of written essays and oral presentations.

The second new long module is The Natural World and the Arts of Modernity and concerns a period from the Eighteenth Century up to modern day and provides a historical survey of Western art. You get a wide range of artistic movements and styles in this module so it’s a great way of broadening your knowledge for second year.

The other short module I picked was Painting Techniques and this introduces a wide range of media and practices throughout the ages as well as debates over which technical processes are more important when painting such as disegno vs. colorito, (drawing vs. colour).

This is also the first time that Study Skills is being carried on into the second term of first year and the aim this term is to tailor the lectures to the needs that need addressing after we get our short module essay feedback so hopefully these sessions will be even more useful than last term!

I hope my blogs have given a good understanding of the course modules and daily life of an Art History student at Warwick and I’d like to thank you for reading!


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