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Arriving at Warwick- What do you bring?

Hello everyone and congratulations on your fabulous results today! I hope you all got what you deserved and are well on your way to university so what do you bring with you? In my first year arrival I brought way too much stuff, I don’t even think I used half.

The essentials

A lot of halls provide a duvet and pillow but I brought my own as it was thicker and I like two pillows. Cooking equipment: I used two deep pans and a frying pan. You need a couple of cuts and cutlery sets (so you don’t have to wash up after every meal). Speaking of washing up bring your own sponge, washing up liquid and tea towel. A couple of towels for after the shower bag and if you’re using a communal shower then a shower bag is always useful. Bring pins for a cork board (I put up photos). Laptops are very useful especially if your lecturers use PowerPoint as it can be quicker to type notes for each slide. You can use the computers in the library but you may end up practically living there. Stationary is a necessity, whether you’re in labs or exams you always need pens. If you study a science calculators are a saviour. Bring cash money when you arrive on campus as there are often t-shirts on sale or fresher goodies.

The niceties

Bringing photos can help to add a bit of personality to your room and add some sentimentality. They serve as a reminder of home and friends. Although I find with home friends that you can pick up straight where you left off. For some people bringing alcohol to university is a way to kick start friendships but a pack of cards can do the same, if not both. I found that bringing an alarm clock was very useful just as a time checker. I brought little treats and kept a treat draw. This really helped with motivation writing lab reports every week.

When you arrive move all of your stuff in and have a wonder around campus. Start trying to locate some buildings just for ease when it comes to first lectures. Then in the afternoon or evening say hello to everyone in your dorm. Some people recommend asking if anyone wants a cup of tea and others opt for something stronger. Either way get to know the people you are living with for the next year. Good luck with you new chapter in life and well done for getting in!

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