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Are we nearly there yet?

So forgot my purse at home including my card and driving licence, great. I was at the train station planning to go to London. But if you don’t have your card you can’t print your ticket. So I got a new ticket and the train was then delayed. Bad luck just kept on coming. But then I saw an old friend and that literally made my day. We got on the train together and went through the barriers and everything sorted itself out.

Lessons to be learned from this little story:

Bad situations sometimes can’t be helped, yes I should have checked my bag before either left my house but thank fully I left my house early so I had time to buy another ticket. But I took control of the situation and got myself another ticket. I was close to tears because I panicked about my purse but then I realised it was still on the counter.

Another thing is that people are around to help you. I was lucky I met my friend Nav, but I’m sure a member of staff could have advised me as well. All you have to do is ask. What’s the worst that can happen? They don’t give you an answer. But if you ask you have gained yourself the key to the next step. This is valuable for uni.

Stay calm. There is always a way out. You just need to figure it out. Think clearly and ask questions if you fail try again. Having grit and determination sometimes can be tiring but it’ll be worth because you’ll get to your destination.

I’m back at uni on Monday and I’m so excited just to get stuck into my work. I’ve been fluttering through my books but I Reay haven’t made great progress. As in getting thing down in paper. Ideas have been developing which is crucial but now is the time to take action. That switch of ideas to actual text is the hardest and needs to be timed perfectly.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays guys. Enjoy your ikea trips.

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