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MyWarwick and Other Apps I Recommend you Install

There are some apps that I have on my phone (not Facebook or Twitter!) that I would encourage you consider installing as well.

  1. MyWarwickThis app basically sums up university life for me. Timetable, study spaces in the library, books due in the library, and my printing and Eating at Warwick credit is all shown on here.
  2. Campus: Because I like to be extra with everything I have two apps to make sure I don’t miss my lectures. (can’t find the link but it exists!).
  3. Warwick Careers AppThis is a very helpful app to prepare your visit. You can search, make notes and star the companies/ organisations you’d like to visit at the fair. In this way, you can make sure to not miss anyone you want to speak to!
  4. Warwick SUYou can vote in elections using this app, buy society and sports club memberships and learn about SU events, among other things.
  5. StudyHappyThis is an app listing all the events in the library that you really don’t want to miss. The app image is a lovely penguin and it also has a useful tips section that I quite like giving advice on many topics ranging from revision strategies to motivation and mental health.
  6. Libmapthis app can provide a nice induction to the library. Particularly, I think this app is quite useful for classmarks but I don’t use it much as I often just use the library website. But it may be handy to have it.

Even if you decide to write down your lectures in a diary, I would recommend you still keep an app or sync your Tabula with your phone’s calendar because sometimes lecture rooms are changed. Lectures can also get cancelled but I have usually found that we are emailed regarding this beforehand.

  1. Chemistry WorldChemists may decide to become an affiliate member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. I would greatly encourage you to. You get a monthly copy of the Chemistry World delivered (although I refused for that because I use the app and seriously don’t have the space for those 20 or so that I have collected already), access to RSC journal articles, discount on books, and opportunities to volunteer as well.
  2. Periodic TableThis is such a useful app. We don’t really have small textbooks that we carry to lectures with a periodic table at the back. I find this app very handy and it is also by the RSC but you don’t need membership to use it. It is interactive, you can click on individual elements and get more information about them as well.
  3. ChemistryYou can search for reaction equations, a periodic table where tapping on an atom takes you to its (built-in) Wikipedia page (everyone’s favourite website, admit it), and has a table on solubility data with lots of other tables and data on things like electronegativity and the reactivity series.
  4. ReactionFlashMechanisms. Lots indeed.
  5. Reaction Cards LITERevision card styled with organic reactions

Quite honestly I don’t really use the last three apps in the list above. On my phone, they’re more the feel-good type but they can be quite handy on a bus journey home!

EcosiaIt is a web search engine which uses ad revenue from your searches to plant trees wherever they are needed the most. You get an extension that you can download and there is an Ecosia app for your phone as well.

Some of the links above are to the App Store but many may also be available on Android. If anyone is aware of any other apps out there that I am missing out on, please let me know!

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