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Applying your Degree in the Real Working World

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For many students the big question that many tend to ask themselves when sitting hours upon end in lectures and seminars is; how is this going to even be applicable to me in the working world?

Being able to synthesize the key skills and lecture content and integrate it to practical use in the real working world is a skill that is developed through experience over time. During your secondary education whether you did A levels or IB this was a period where many of the connections across the various fields were still not that clear or defined. Each subject was treated as an individual entity and it was hard to see how some of the content overlapped across other fields and some just seemed redundant and would be never be used in the future. In the more specified course and modules within university degrees, taught content tends to be more specific due to the depth of which the way the lecture content is formulated. The core modules within the degree is what is deemed necessary in order to fully comprehend the concepts being explored. As Warwick is a Russell Group university, it is highly researched based and many of the research modules and distinguished lecturers are some of the best in terms of facilities and resources.

Only after completing my second year, I have begun to see which modules are the most applicable to what my potential career prospects are and thus due to the fact that in your third and second year you are given the option to take various optional modules across different departments including; WBS, sociology, Psychology etc. With this system, this enables you to really tailor your studies to your interests and also ensures that you are getting the most out of your education so it will benefit your career in the future. This is more efficient as it means you are able to identify which skills you are most likely going to be able to apply depending on your future career outlook.

One thing I have noticed and that I am very thankful for, with regards to the way the modules at Warwick are constructed, is the fact that there is a great amount of overlap in terms of module content, especially certain electives and core. This makes it easier to understand the different aspects of the concepts and key terms. Further more, as an additional perk, it makes revising for exams so much more easier as many concepts will be repeated and can be applied to each of the exam topics for multiple modules.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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