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Applying for jobs

As a finalist, I’ve had the unpleasant experience of considering my actual future over the last few months. When the clock is ticking until you graduate and are thrown head first into the adult world, it’s easy to start panicking about where you’re going to end up once you’ve left the relative safety of Warwick campus.

My first piece of advice is stay calm. Even if you worry that you won’t have a job once July comes around, jobs become available all the time so the chances are you’ll find something over the summer are pretty high. A friend of mine changed his plans at the last second after his graduation last year meaning he didn’t have a job lined up at all, but within a couple of months he’d managed to find a job he loves- graduation isn’t a hard and fast deadline.

Obviously the ideal scenario is one where you walk into a job straight out of uni, and this is easiest done if you apply for graduate positions or grad schemes. Obviously the deadlines for these positions vary from company to company, and even from role to role, with most (in the tech industry at least) closing around Christmas time. This may seem ridiculously early to be considering jobs when it’s months and months before graduation, but I definitely recommend looking at applying as early as possible in the year, even if the deadline isn’t until after christmas. Making the most of the slightly quieter term 1 of final year is definitely a good idea- if I was still looking for a job now I would struggle to make the time for applications alongside my university work schedule.

Another piece of advice I would definitely give is to use all of the opportunities provided to you. If your department is running a networking event with potential employers you should definitely consider going along. I was first introduced to the company I’m going on to work for at a networking event in computer science, and was convinced to apply to them during the 10 minute presentation they gave at the event, having never heard of them before. Networking events like this are a great opportunity to be introduced to the huge range of options out there, offering a lot more choice when applying.

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