Applications time and Easter break – still on – 😊 – OurWarwick

Applications time and Easter break – still on – 😊

During my spare time, I love walking and exploring natural…
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Hello beautiful people, I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your break as well as the weather. Also, all the best for those who are working because some students are part-time or even full-time workers depending on the course they are doing.

I have recently been trained as a CLL Ambassador and discovered a new range of CLL qualifications for all walks of life individuals. There are part-time and full-time degrees as well as short courses and foundation years for those unsure or unknown of academic life. Please, find hereby the link for all undergraduates and degree qualifications:

The short courses such as a gateway to HE which is designed to fit work and family commitments whilst developing skills, knowledge, and confidence, especially for those who never studied before or did it but a long time ago. There are also foundations in coaching practice, introduction to counseling, or mindfulness. You can see all the details for the short courses hereby: I believe there are online short courses options as well. Like I was saying in my first blog 3 years ago, studying especially as a mature student is a great opportunity to learn but not only academically, you learn about yourself and meet great people. Learning about ourselves is about overcoming personal challenges because they are represented by various ranges. From time management to dyslexia or breaking down key points of a subject for an essay and being able to condensate and organised ideas and knowledge and so on.

Warwick University offers great support and guidance in all aspects of Uni. life from studying skills and essay tips to finance management passing by IT courses and so on. Various international opportunities, student placement, or volunteering. Career advice etc… There is always someone or somewhere to find help.

On a completely different subject, I would like to celebrate Stephen Lawrence day taking place on the 22nd well in 2 days’ time. There is a local and great community organisation that promotes anti-knife crimes and anti-gang crimes as well as education and well-being. They already won a couple of awards ( ). They are organising a pledge and award celebration in honor of Stephen Lawrence’s disappearance.  Please find the link hereby:


The reason I am writing about this political and ethnicity subject is for young people and even senor to realise that life is so precious, and the hatred is harmful and not innocent. Anger comes from somewhere and this somewhere can be addressed and found to alleviate the pain and darkness. It is also the result of poor education and some young people are victims of social inequalities and lack integration at home or in their societies. Crimes and gangs are destructive and life can seem unfair and surreal. Let’s encourage and find aspirational people or spiritual guidance to overcome the above. So, I would like to say a personal thanks to Fridays, a Coventry and community organisation that is taking those challenges on board and has already saved some young people.

Please note that I first asked Friday’s authorisation to write about them in this blog. They can be found on all social media.

I wish you all a great week and next, I will be writing about my experience a volunteer for the French presidential.



During my spare time, I love walking and exploring natural…
Find out more about me Contact Cecile

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