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Answers to everyday uni life questions your mom asks you before you leave

Sabrina Luca | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sabrina

I vividly remember my parents, reasonably stressed before my departure last year. Here are just some of the everyday questions they would ask me, but I wouldn’t know how to answer back then.

~ Should you make a health insurance once in UK?

I didn’t make one. Once I was accepted to Warwick, I needed to complete an online registration form for the university’s Health Center, which is located in a pretty central spot of the campus, very close to the Rootes buildings. After registering, I was allocated to one of the two practices based at it (Blue Practice or Pink Practice). I recommend you remember which one you are assigned to as this is one thing they ask for when you make an appointment.

*tip if you’ll need an appointment* – Call the Health Center very early in the morning, at 9 am as the slots get occupied very fast, especially in the first few weeks which are notorious due to the inevitable fresher’s flu.

 ~ Will you need a UK bank account?

Yes! 1. If you want to get a part-time job, you’ll need it so that your payment can be transferred on it. 2. Once you sort out accommodation for second year, you’ll need it so as to transfer the money to the landlord. I recommend opening it at the beginning of the year, so if you need it at some point throughout the year, it’s there. On the campus, there are branches from both Barclays and Santander.

*tip for opening a UK bank account* – you’ll need an appointment first, so go there as early as possible unless you want to be appointed two months into the academic year.

~ Is it that cloudy and rainy all the time?

Ish. I was very concerned about the collection of umbrellas I thought I will end up having only to get to the end of the year losing even the single one I had.  The autumn and winter were not out of the ordinary or with endless rainy days, at least comparing to a western-European country. However, if you come from a place with Mediterranean weather, you might need a little more time to adjust, so make sure you pack some warmer clothes and some positivity.

~ Does Warwick have a meal plan option?

No. Dealing with food is going to be your responsibility. If your cooking experience is a domain yet kept in the dark, don’t worry, mine was too (still is). However, it ended up not taking me as much time as I thought it would, as I didn’t prepare complicated meals, but I would rather boil some pasta or rice, put a chicken in the oven, bake some potatoes, so basically, going for the safe options. There are also restaurants in the campus if you prefer eating out, but the frequency of it depends on your budget. From time to time however, you feel the need of an actual burger instead of your everyday sandwich.

~ Do you need a sports membership for any kind of sport activities?

No. Some sport societies offer open sessions where you can simply show up and play without owning a membership or paying for it. For instance, this year, I went to open sessions for basketball and volleyball. Some rock-up sessions don’t even require prior knowledge in a particular sport as they encourage you to just come and give it a try. There are other sport activities, which, even if they don’t require a sports membership, they charge a fee for every session you attend and may ask for prior online registration. One such example is Body Attack, a cardio workout that I personally enjoyed last year. Indeed, if you go for the gym, the swimming pool and sport societies, there are different kind of memberships you’ll need to purchase.

~ Do you need a sim card with international minutes or do you rely on wi-fi connection?

If you’re an international student, then this may be one of your concerns. After you’ll purchase a sim card (you can do that form campus), there are going to be people outside Rootes Grocery shop (if it’s the same as last year) who will help you activate it in case you need help. I personally didn’t opt for international minutes as I would call my family via whatsapp. The wi-fi connection around the campus doesn’t work in all areas, but it’s generally good in the student halls. (unless you’re in New Rootes, where the wi-fi signal can give you some stress from time to time)

With so little time until your fresher experience starts, I hope this helps you get rid of some thoughts you may have about random aspects of your future uni experience.


Sabrina Luca | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sabrina

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