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Another Year in the Memory Bank

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

And just like that, another year has just flown by. Exams are concluding; third years have handed in their dissertations, sat their final university exams and popped their celebratory champagne in the centre of the piazza. It’s crazy to think that in one year that will be me.

With the warmer weather setting in, we can officially start welcoming summer vacation and for many of your freshers that have successfully completed your first year, a big congratulations to you all. Comparing how I spent last summer 2016 to my current plans for this summer, this year is more planned and thought through. Especially as it is my penultimate year, internships and adding to my CV are at the top of my main priorities. One thing that I have noticed about majority of the students at Warwick, is that everyone is very goal driven and know how to balance work and play. prospective jobs are definitely on the more competitive side especially from within Warwick, as many students have a very entrepreneurial and innovative mindset which urged them to apply for any prestigious opportunity they can get their hands on. This competitive streak has it’s positives and negatives, in regards to setting the right environment that helps motivate you and give you that competitive edge to drive forward and fight for spots. However at the same time it sets the standards much higher and you really need to make sure you are committed and work hard to convince employers that you are more than just the average applicant.

While I do wish I had been productive with my summer last year, I do think having an easier and more laid back schedule that time helped me catch up with family and friends as well as just wrap my head around the fact that I had survived my first year at university. This summer I have a more solid plan in preparation for my final year, where I will be looking into securing more internships and jobs as a fresh graduate. I will be attending a summer business programme hosted by Regents University London in Beijing, China for a course of two weeks. This programme is especially fitting as I will greatly benefit from the language immersion aspect in anticipation for Chinese 3, which I progressing on to in my final year. Being able to apply my previously obtained language skills in coherence with acquiring new skills in the native language environment is optimal. The programme itinerary also involves experiencing the local business market and business modules, thus this will also be very beneficial to my degree and credentials which I will be able to include in my CV.

In addition this, I will also be deciding whether I will proceed onto an extra year of further studies in which I will decide to take my masters straight after my undergraduate degree or take my shots in the professional career field. There are a lot of various factors to consider when making decisions like this and I always feel uncertain and very indecisive when it comes to such large scale decisions. One thing I know, is that whichever choice or path I take I base it off of what my instinct tells me and what I feel will benefit the most from in the long run, even if it takes more effort to get to that initial stage.

It feels unreal that after exactly one more year I will be relinquishing my student status for a full on responsible adult in the working world. It’s just as they say, when one door closes another one opens and while it will be a new scary experience for me all together, seeing how much I have developed as a person these past few years I am very much looking forward to embarking on my new milestone in life.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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