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Another side to Warwick nightlife

I often see people defending the nightlife at Warwick and while I do agree with these defences I feel like they are catered more towards a specific type of person. If you’re like me and prefer, Hip-hop, Rnb and Afrobeats, you may feel like you are restricted and have limited options for partying at Warwick. This blog is here to give you a different perspective on what there is available for you to do.

Fresher’s Week

While I encourage you to be as active as possible during Fresher’s Week, there were some events that stood out more than others. For me, Urbanfest was where I found all my favourite summer songs being played and was a chance for me to meet people who liked the same music and environments as me

My best piece of advice for Fresher’s Week would be to not only be restricted to Warwick SU events. By joining the Warwick Afro Caribbean society group chat during the summer, I was exposed to a wide range of events in and around Coventry and Leamington. A benefit of such events are that people travel from all over the midlands to attend them which means you get to meet people from everywhere. Just remember to buy tickets in advice to avoid hikes in prices,


This is one of the best ways to access events that are most catered to you as they are made for people like you and others whom you share common interests with. 

Afro Caribbean society – early in the year, they host an initiation party which is  a great introduction. They host several other parties throughout the year which all play our favourite tunes with our favourite DJs.

Hip-hop society – although a newer and smaller society their events are always well thought out and guaranteed to be good vibes like their 90s themed party this year!

Term time

Keep in mind that the raves I mentioned earlier continue ball throughout the year, not just at Fresher’s Week, so there is always some events at least once a fortnight. However, there are some local clubs that have good events catered towards people who prefer the type of music I’ve mentioned above.

Tuesdays/Thursdays – Smack is a club in Leamington that dedicates a room to RnB and Hip-hop which is always packed! The queue can be long but you can meet people along the way!

Fridays – Neon is another club in Leamington, which is bigger than Smack. The top room plays all our favourite songs but even the other rooms can be fun too. If you buy your tickets in advance, you get to skip the long queue and use the party bus which takes you to the club and back to campus.

Juicy is also a SU event that happens on campus every Friday. at the Terrace Bar. It is the a more intimate location which means you have direct access to the DJ and can request all your favourite songs! You also save money by not having to travel just remember to tell all your friends to tag along!


Only half an hour away, the bigger neighbouring city has much more on offer. Pryzm is a student favourite but there is a lot more to discover that I haven’t even got round to doing yet!

I hope this blog has given you more insight into the diversity of nightlife here at Warwick!


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