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And just like that, I’ve finished my degree!

As you no doubt can tell by the title, I’ve now finished my degree! After four years of studying here in Warwick (one of which of course on my year abroad), as of last Thursday, I submitted my final online exam! And just like all other students across the country, I finished my degree all alone in my student room, with nothing but the sound of birds and an image of a submission receipt to remember it by. What a life! Jokes aside, it was a real relief to finally have all my exams and coursework out of the way, and despite the restrictions meaning student life is anything but normal, my housemates and I have managed to celebrate regardless!

I won’t lie, it was of course a bit of an anticlimax when I finally submitted my Italian essay (my last exam) and just turned in my chair to face my bed. But my housemates and I have managed to support each other, even when our finishing-exams-treat has become a trip to Aldi, rather than the usual prosecco-on-the-piazza with coursemates. In years as horrible as this one has been, it’s important to just be glad I have such lovely coursemates and housemates to celebrate with, and embrace the fact that I am truly deadline free for the summer.

For now, I have no immediate plans before starting my job in September. I will be taking an AISP module at the end of June (more on that to come!) to keep my mind occupied, and just for the fact that it will be learning for pleasure. This means I’ve started to spend some of my days doing some pre-reading and preparation before we start the module officially next week.

I also will be taking a well-deserved visit home, to see my parents and my dog and to celebrate the end of my exams. But not for long as there has been so many (rule-abiding) gatherings and reunions that I don’t want to miss out on such a special time with all my friends. I suppose now that my days are far less occupied, I truly have the time to get all nostalgic about leaving Warwick, which means making the most of my last weeks of student life.

I hope everyone else’s exams are going really well! It truly is not long now until everyone has finished, and summer can begin.

Catherine x

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