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An Investment for Exams: A Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners have been the latest craze to be taken up by young people. A fidget spinner is a type of stress-relieving toy. It has been advertised as helping people who have trouble with focusing on tasks by acting as a release mechanism for nervous energy or psychological stress. It helps people stay calm during difficult times, and after I bought myself one, I just can’t put it down.

The first Saturday that fidget spinners were sold at Roots Grocery Store, they were all gone within a couple of hours. Rumours had only just reached me and they were already sold out, which goes to show how popular they were amongst the university students. Even the local radio station was talking about them and the places in Coventry where one could buy one. Listeners would call in and give information about the best kinds of fidget spinners, as well give funny stories about their child’s obsession with the toy. I have searched far and wide to find out how these toys became so popular, but all I found were far-fetched theories such as ‘some kid took it to school and it all took off from there’. Whilst these have been around for ages, the craze started in springtime this year and has now taken over the majority of all playgrounds in Britain.

When I first heard of them, I didn’t think they would be of much use to me. I could not understand how a 3-inch plastic device could help me, personally, as I did not find it very hard to concentrate – or so I thought. However, as I scrolled through my social media feeds, I would see an increasing amount of videos of cool tricks people would do with them. My interest grew and I finally caved in and bought myself one. I was now, a crowd follower.

It wasn’t hard for me to pick up. I’d seen so many videos of them that I knew what to do. For those that don’t know, you would place your forefinger and thumb on the central section of the toy, and with your other hand, flick the gadget so that it spins on the axis you created with your two fingers. And that’s it. It sounds so painfully simple when written down like this, but that’s all you do. You might even wiggle it around between the two fingers to add some momentum to it. You could even balance it on different parts of your body. The fun is endless!

All sarcasm aside, fidget spinners are very effective with helping one concentrate. Its simplicity is its greatest asset. Since I am right handed, I will spin the fidget spinner on my left hand and just rotate my wrist in circles, whilst simultaneously doing my work. I think that it helps your mind concentrate on keeping the fidget spinner moving whilst also focusing in on the task, which makes your brain believe that you are procrastinating. As the task of keeping the fidget spinner moving is so simple, your brain is able to dedicate more focus on your work. It’s ingenious, and using it has helped me a lot. It is not only has helped me concentrate for longer periods of time on my work, but it is also a fun toy to play with which has reduced my stress levels immensely.

For all of those students who are still working hard in the Library, I would strongly suggest that you buy one. They only cost a few pounds, about four Jaegarbombs at Kasbah, so they are very affordable. Even if you don’t use it alongside your work, you can release all anxiety whilst making some pretty cool Bomberangs on Instagram.

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