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An Easy Guide to Campus Accommodation

For those of you joining us at Warwick in October, the deadline for choosing your accommodation is fast approaching. While a whole range of factors go in to deciding your top choices, this is just a quick guide of the stereotypes if you like of where you might be living next year.

Arthur Vick and Jack Martin

I’m sure people who lived there would disagree but in my eyes these are pretty similar places. Both are corridor style accommodation, with en suites and 12-14 people sharing a kitchen. They’re located by the Sports Centre, so a little bit away from the Student Union (SU) but probably some of the closest accommodation to lectures and seminars if you like to roll out of bed and head straight out.


This is known as the ‘poshest’ accommodation as it basically looks like a hotel. The rooms are probably the biggest, with a one-and-a-half size bed and lovely en suite. It’s really close to the SU and provides an ideal location for photoshoots before a night out (or just for fun in the bluebell-filled woods just behind). I know some people have struggled with socialising in the flat as it can be easy to stay in your room, so if you’re not the most outgoing of people, maybe a more communal place would be better.


This has been refurbished pretty recently so is quite a swanky place. It’s basically a long corridor of rooms which share two kitchens, so it’s pretty sociable and in a good location just a bit away from the SU.


I think Claycroft is a pretty neat set up, with flats of 8 and you share a bathroom with one other person, so you basically have an en suite. The people I know who live here have made really tight units with their flatmates, plus it’s the closest accommodation to the 24-hour Tesco so there’s no dread of lugging your weekly shop all the way home.

Heronbank and Lakeside

Again, these two are pretty similar in my eyes. Both have 8 to a flat and en suites, with arguably the prettiest surroundings of campus. The clue is kind of in the names, as both sit near Warwick’s ‘lakes’, and if you can get past the longer walk to main campus and geese walking everywhere, this is the place for you.


I obviously know this accommodation best as I lived here for the past year. Barely anyone will know where Redfern is and you’ll constantly be repeating the fact that it’s ‘near Cryfield’ but its in a good place close to the SU. This is one of the flat, rather than corridor, style accommodations, and with only 5 people per flat it can be scary wondering if you’ll get on. I was really lucky and found some of my closest friends in my little flat and Warwick try to allocate flats based on what you write in your little bio, so I’m sure you’ll get on well even if you’re not best friends.


This is known as the ‘party’ accommodation and during freshers it is most definitely the place to be, but everyone I know who lived here loved it, and they weren’t all party animals. It’s super close to main campus and you’ll probably get to know half of the uni so even if you’re not an outrageous clubber but are quite a sociable person, this could be ideal for you.


In my opinion, Sherborne is pretty much the same as Bluebell but further away and with more people per flat. Described as ‘the bomb’ by one of its residents, you’ve got a lovely flat full of friendly people with beautiful scenery all around you, just be prepared to wake up earlier to get anywhere.


Tocil is in a really ideal location with Tesco and Rootes Grocery Store super close by, the Sports Centre next door and lectures just around the corner. It’s a really nice sociable place with 12 to a flat but not as noisy as Rootes so there’s room for everyone.


Now this is definitely the furthest from main campus but close to the post room if you’re an online shopper. The rooms are pretty spacious for a fair price as you’ve got the longest walk, and it’s not far to walk to Tesco. There are a lot of people to a floor so you get to know loads of friendly faces, and the walk means you don’t have to dread the impact of alcohol or poor cooking. Just don’t expect lots of people willing to make the trek to see you.


Although it’s a little cramped in the kitchen, Whitefields has a communal lounge area that other campus accommodations don’t. You basically get a little house of 12 people, and its right behind the SU in a super convenient location.

Here are some final tips from me to make the best of your accommodation. Be open minded: even if you’re used to a double bed and en suite at home, a single bed and shared bathroom if that’s what you’re given will be absolutely fine. Give your flatmates a chance: they’ll be just as nervous as you on the first few days and with the alcohol intake of freshers some weird stuff may happen. Having said that, if you don’t connect with your flatmates don’t worry, you’ll meet plenty of other friends through your course and other activities. Redfern was my third choice but I’ve loved living there, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy living wherever you end up.

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