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An (almost) comprehensive review of campus study spaces in 2022

Some people are perfectly happy studying at home, never more than a few steps from their kitchen or bed. This has its advantages, of course, but inevitably blurs the lines between work and rest and offers many an opportunity for procrastination. I much prefer getting out of the house for the day and coming home to a space undefiled with revision-, assignment- or work-related thoughts… Fortunately, Warwick campus is bursting with innumerable study spaces, each with its own pros and cons – and enough for you to switch it up a few times a term when you get bored of one.


Your study space preference will depend largely on what you want from a good study space – some like it silent while others prefer café-esque background buzz, some *need* to be close to a coffee source while others want access to a microwave for reheating their lunch. Personally, I often like to be somewhere where I can use a uni computer with its large and beautifully high-definition monitor… Whatever your criteria, campus likely has you covered so without further ado, here’s the rundown of the main places you can study:


Let’s get this mainstream option out of the way – don’t get me wrong, the library is arguably the most versatile and reliable study space, but it can also be a little boring and clinical.

  • No. of spaces: High – Endless rows of seats.
  • Busyness: High – Despite the space it really fills up during exam season
  • Noise level: Low – It depends which section, but silent areas are usually silent.
  • Plug point access: 5/5
  • Proximity to piazza: 3/5 – Not very far at all, but there’s closer.
  • Proximity to café: 5/5 – The library itself has two. Plus vending machines. Can’t beat that.
  • Computers?: Yes – There’s computers on most floors, primarily on the first two. And computer rooms!
  • Aesthetic: 2/5 – Far from the newest build on campus. But quite cosey, also, recently renovated.
  • Bonus features: Hot water tap and vending machines (bottom of stair below entrance), Open 24/7.

Verdict: 9/10 – The library just has so much to offer. Only drawback: it’s not very pretty.

Top tip: Don’t forget the spaces in the Floor 2 and 3 extensions!

FAB (Faculty of Arts Building)

The name says it all.

  • No. of spaces: Medium – Lots of tables dotted about across five of the six floors.
  • Busyness: High – Currently very popular during term time as it’s so new.
  • Noise level: Medium – Spaces aren’t that centralised, and the building is open enough to swallow up ambient noise.
  • Plug point access: 3/5 – You’re usually within grasp of a plug, albeit an annoying floor-recessed one.
  • Proximity to piazza: 4/5 – A one minute walk.
  • Proximity to café: 5/5 – The FAB has a brand new Café Nero, opening in the next few days!
  • Computers?: No – Sadly not.
  • Aesthetic: 5/5 – Instantly my favourite building on campus. Beautiful architecture and views from most places you might sit to work.
  • Bonus features: Hogwarts-like stairways. Balconies (if they ever decide to grant student access)

Verdict: 7/10 – Maybe it’s just the novelty of the building, but I’ve loved working here recently.

Top tip: Printers are located on the ground floor, at the back, and on floor 5.


Never the ‘central hub’ for studying, the oculus nevertheless boasts some nice (especially comfortable) spaces to work in.

  • No. of spaces: Low – There aren’t many spaces, especially in the comfy chairs! Rock up early.
  • Busyness: Medium – With the FAB opening recently, the Oculus is less busy than it used to be.
  • Noise level: High – When it’s busy, there’s high levels of chatter as well as footfall.
  • Plug point access: 3/5 – You’re not guaranteed a plug in the cheap seats.
  • Proximity to piazza: 4/5 – A few meters really.
  • Proximity to café: 5/5 – The oculus has a café, though it’s not always open.
  • Computers?: No – Sadly not.
  • Aesthetic: 4/5 – Only a few years old. Lots of natural light.
  • Bonus features: Some nice hidden benches behind the oculus outside. Oculus green to the left.

Verdict: 5/10 – Decent space, but offers nothing special.

Top tip: There are some large tables in places – ideal for group studying.

Rootes Learning Grid

Designed specifically to be a study space, and in an ideal location – no wonder it’s popular.

  • No. of spaces: Medium – Not comparable to the library but there’s a lot of swivelly office chairs available.
  • Busyness: High – Very popular, especially with European exchange students for some reason…
  • Noise level: Medium – There’s a ‘silent’ area, but it’s not enforced very well.
  • Plug point access: 5/5 – No issues here.
  • Proximity to piazza: 5/5 – Can’t get closer than this!
  • Proximity to café: 5/5 – Several options available!
  • Computers?: Yes – Not loads but usually enough to go around.
  • Aesthetic: 3/5 – A little clinical. But maybe that’s what you need to focus…
  • Bonus features: So many café and lunch options are right nearby.

Verdict: 8/10 – Yes, it’s often packed. But the access to amenities is unparalleled.

Top tip: If you want a good seat, especially during exam season, arrive at opening time (8am)

University House

‘What’s that?’ you may ask. Many people aren’t aware of it, partly because it’s a little far away, partly because there’s no teaching there. But the learning grid, as well as café spaces, are a good call.

  • No. of spaces: Medium – Plenty to go around.
  • Busyness: Low – I’ve never seen uni house packed. People don’t seem to know about it.
  • Noise level: Low – You can get real silence here, in one of the learning grid areas.
  • Plug point access: 3/5 – You definitely have access in the grid, but at the spaces outside there are few plugs.
  • Proximity to piazza: 1/5 – This is probably the furthest study space from the piazza (ignoring Gibbet Hill campus) but will still only take you 15 mins to walk.
  • Proximity to café: 4/5 – The café native to uni house seems to be shut, but NAIC café is not far at all.
  • Computers?: Yes – Enough to go around. And nice ones too.
  • Aesthetic: 3/5 – A little cold at times. But not hideous.
  • Bonus features: Vending machine, Microwave, Hot water tap.

Verdict: 7/10 – Although it’s ‘far’ away, uni house has some great features, plus, it’s rarely busy.

Top tip: You can get to Tesco very quickly from uni house by turning left before the building housing NAIC café and walking through the industrial park.

Final Hints

There’s actually lots more spaces you might want to study in than the ones reviews above. Here’s a list of all the ones I can think of:

  • Any café
  • Flexigrid (Rootes Building)
  • Warwick Arts Centre
  • Canopy (above Rootes Grocery)
  • Westwood Aroma café / Computer room
  • Science Concourse
  • Postgrad hub (Postgrads only!)
  • BioMed Grid (Limited Access, Gibbet Hill)
  • Chaplaincy
  • Last but very much not least: Your department’s building!

Your department will likely have all sort of spaces you have access to – it’s always worth trying your card to check!

Also, you can always use a teaching room marked ‘available’ at the door.


You might disagree with some of my scoring – everyone has their personal preferences, and I can’t pretend not to be biased. What I would say is this: Don’t limit yourself to the library. There’s lots of spaces, so be adventurous and spice-up your study-life with a stint in a new area. Make your own mental ranking until you find that building, floor, and chair perfect for you. And when you get bored, switch it up.

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