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An A-Z of my university experience

Hi everyone, 


Procrastinating > studying. I have written my own A-Z of my university experience so far (please excuse the cringeyness) 


Australia, a place I studied abroad for a year where I 

Blogged about my experiences, bringing out my 

Curiositea to travel (and also the name of a campus coffee shop). 


Dirty duck, the pub where I use my 

Eating at Warwick Card to get a discount on 

Food (I’m thinking about nachos mostly). 


Geese, who chased me on campus, right near 

Humanities which serves amazing 

Iced tea. 


Joining societies has been amazing to make my experience enjoyable, just as the

Koan has in making me smile before stressing in the 

Library. Do I even need to add anything else here?


Moving away from home was a 

New experience, which has exposed me to so many more 

Opportunities and experiences. 


Politics, the course I have enjoyed studying which 

Quizzes me on my knowledge. 


Rootes, where I lived in my first year, close to the 

Sports centre where I regularly go swimming. 


Tea puns that I regularly make, showing just how 

Unique Warwick students are. 


Vending machines where I get a free Hot Chocolate because 

Warwick truly cares about their students. 


Xananas, which I can’t pronounce 

Years and years after being a fresher. 


Zeal? Now this is just too much. 


Shanita 🙂 xo 


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