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Am I doing enough?

This thought has definitely been on my mind recently as I enter term 2 and realise that I now have more spare time than I did in my first semester. With more free days during the week and more independent work to complete, you may also feel a compelling need to just . Thinking of all of the empty time you have may feel daunting for some, especially early in the term when all of your exams and coursework deadlines are not due for another few months, but thinking like this could actually be quite beneficial. It is good to want to take advantage of the newfound time you have to build yourself up through doing meaningful and enjoyable Now may be the time to start that new hobby, blog or YouTube channel that you said you would start when you have more spare time. I’ve discovered that not everybody will find a society that is right for them, but this doesn’t mean you are limited in the things you can get involved in. If you are passionate about a specific type of social change but can’t find a society which correlates with it, you can start your own society, or simply get involved in projects in your local community which do correlate with your ideas. Warwick have a great range of volunteering opportunities out there that you can sign up for, and their ‘One-off’ volunteering is a great way of testing things out, while not fully committing yourself to multiple things. If you care about the environment, why not invest a couple of hours each week clearing leaves from pathways with Warwick volunteers? If you want to start your own project, there are many scholarship opportunities available which you could apply for support in funding your ideas.

The bottom line is, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do a lot of random stuff just for the sake of filling up your time. Invest your time in projects and hobbies which will be self-fulfilling and where you can find purpose. A lot of people love the feeling of busying themselves all the time, but before you commit to 700 projects each month, think about why you are doing it, and be wise with your time. Remember to think about what you care about when choosing something to do, and why you are doing it. Who will this benefit? Being fuelled by a purpose behind your activities will help you to make a lasting impact on how you shape yourself and those around you.

Have a great week and feel free to contact me with any further questions about volunteering or getting involved with community-work if you are searching for something like that to commit to!

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