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Alternative Halloween Ideas

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I love any excuse to dress up, get together with friends and cover the house in decorations, so Halloween is unsurprisingly one of my favourite times of the year! Of course, this year’s Halloween is going to be very different, and a lot of the usual Halloween activities are simply not viable right now. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be enjoying the spooky season, and I thought I might share some of the things that me and my house are doing to enjoy this year’s Halloween!

  1. Decorate!

The seasonal aisle is always a dangerous place for me and my friends to be, even more so around Halloween! A recent Asda trip for some milk and eggs resulted in me and my housemate returning with fabric cobwebs, plastic spiders, window decors, spooky balloons and a set of glow in the dark ice cubes! You can find loads of decorations like these at supermarkets, pound stores or online, often for quite cheap. Are they tacky? Absolutely. Is that part of the fun? Of course! Decorating your accommodation can be a really fun group activity, plus it will help get you in the seasonal mood – just make sure you avoid using anything that could stain or mark the walls!

  1. Spooky films!

There are loads of scary movies around, and sites like Netflix and Amazon are always adding more throughout October. You can also find DVDs (for anyone retro like me) fairly cheap at supermarkets, charity shops and your local second-hand video store. I’m not usually a massive horror film fan, but my housemates have been slowly easing me in with a week of scary movies! Throw in some take out, or some frozen pizzas and popcorn, and you have a really fun night ahead. If, like me, you’re not a massive horror film fan, or if you’re feeling in the mood for something lighter, there are also loads of fun and campy Halloween films out there to watch, like Scary Movie, Hocus Pocus and the classic Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  1. A Room Crawl!

Obviously going out to loads of different pubs and bars may not be the safest thing right now, so I was intrigued when one of my friends mentioned that her house had hosted a room crawl with her housemates recently. We immediately decided to try this for our own Halloween fun instead of going out on the night. Each of us has come up with a different theme for our rooms, sourced some decorations and come up with some fun food or drink to enjoy! Of course, we’ve all planned costumes for our little in-house house party, and are super excited to try this out on October 31st.

  1. Pumpkin Carving!

Carving pumpkins was always a childhood favourite, and is a classic Halloween activity! Many supermarkets are selling pumpkins alongside the usual spooky decorations, with pumpkin carving kits for those wanting to have the full experience. On our recent shopping trip me and my friend picked out a nice pumpkin for carving as a house, and I am super excited to get started! You can find loads of pumpkin carving designs online, or you can create your own face or scene, as my house is guaranteed to do, most likely to some very interesting results.

  1. Creepy Drinks and Bakes!

October is renowned for its seasonal beverages, and spooky themed baked goods have been popping up in the supermarkets for the last few weeks. There are loads of Halloween themed cocktail and mocktail recipes online, for everyone from beginners (like me) to that one friend who used to work in a bar and actually knows what they’re doing (like my housemate). Spooky cakes and biscuits can also get you in the Halloween mood, and a variety of bakes has passed through our house, including spooky Colin the Caterpillars, orange coloured oreos and green jaffa cakes! There are also loads of baking recipes online, as well as packaged Halloween cake mixes for the slightly busier (or lazier) bakers.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas of Halloween activities for this year. I’m loving this Halloween week, and can’t wait for all the spooky fun there is to be had still! Enjoy your (safe and responsible) Halloween!

Hannah Khan | Theatre & Performance Studies Contact Hannah

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