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All work and no play?

In this busy exam period, it’s easy to get caught up with the stress of revision and a heavy workload. While trying to find any seat in the uni buildings to study in has been the hardest part of my degree so far (I’m currently writing this while sat on the stairs), taking a break from all things work is important now and again. These are just a few of the things I’ve been doing to take a break from staring at my notes.

Take a walk

Warwick campus is so lovely at this time of year, especially in the areas where bluebells or daffodils are springing up, so why not stand up and take a walk around the outskirts of campus. It not only shows off our beautiful campus, but gives you some much needed exercise and fresh air as a change from being sat down in the stuffy library.



Although this tends to involve being sat inside on a bed, watching a film or TV show is super easy and easily distracts your thoughts for a bit. Schedule in a movie night with your friends after a long day revising, my history friends and I have been watching some old school Disney classics which are perfect as for a throwback and good sing-along.

Treat yourself

While it’s cheaper to pack a lunch and take it with you to revise, there’s something much tastier about having your food made for you. Take a break from revision, pop into Curiositea or another café and buy a cheeky snack to brighten up your day. I promise it will make the day feel better.


Call home

When you’re wrapped up in your own studies, it’s easy to forget that other people’s lives aren’t revolving around studies. Call home and talk to your family or home friends and they’ll probably tell you how well you’ll do in your exams and make you feel much better. Also, be sure to talk to your course mates or flat mates about things other than work, otherwise you’ll just be bogged down constantly.

Be sure to study hard, but uni life is never all work and no play. Keep yourself healthy and happy, and your revision will probably go far better. One final note from me, good luck to you all in your exams and final assignments!

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