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All the Warwick lingo you need to know

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When joining university there are lots of terms which can be confusing or unheard of before. This blog aims to help you demystify them.

My Warwick– this is an app which has all your lecture/seminar times, what the weather is like on campus, when your deadlines and much more- it is essential so ensure you have it downloaded before you get to Warwick-

Tabula– this is the online system where you will need to submit your coursework and you will receive your marks through the system. It also monitors your attendance and has information about you as a student.

Moodle– I have previously never heard of Moodle but this is where you can access all the power-points from the lectures, reading lists, previous exam paper, prep work etc.

Circling– this seems to be a Warwick tradition, everyone sits in a circle and plays drinking games- usually happens before POP and is run by the social secs.

Purple– this is a Warwick drink and gets it name from the colour- it’s a concoction more commonly referred to as “snakebite”.

Eating at Warwick– where you can use your student card to get 10% off food and drink- you can use the My Warwick App to top it up and means you never need to worry about having cash

POP– this is the club night on campus with Disco Dave- not one to miss and is integral to your Warwick experience- during COVID he is live streaming on a Wednesday night


Copper Rooms– this is the club on campus, it hosts POP, Real Ale Festival and lots more

Rolf– this is the campus cat, he even has his own social media and has a high vis jacket to protect him

Rolf the campus cat presents awards at the University of Warwick -  CoventryLive

Student Opportunity hub– this is the home of study abroad, the career service and Warwick volunteers

Learning grid– this is similar to the library but much louder and most people just go for a chat

GSD– when you ask people what degree they do you will probably look puzzled when they say GSD- it stands for Global Sustainable Development

WWS– Warwick Welcome Service- these are the people in yellow t-shirts on open days

Socs= societies

Societies Federation– this is the fee you will need to pay to join societies it is a one off fee then you just pay the subs for each society on top

IATL– Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning- the courses they offer can be taken by anyone in any department and encourages cross-departmental learning

PAIS– Politics and International Studies

MyAdvantage– this is the career service at Warwick, they offer career service, workshops CV advice and different workshops

Office hours– the times that lecturers/ tutor are available to discuss essays, questions or a general chat

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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