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All Roads Lead to …….Gibbet Hill Road

Recently and rather suddenly, I was left vehicularly challenged.  As it was my final term of presentations, I felt particularly committed to find other ways to get to campus.

A 40 minute commute by push bike seemed a lovely idea on sunnier days and there are plenty of places to lock up one’s bicycle on campus, but as my bike was stolen in London many moons ago (I assumed she never released herself with bolt cutters and ran away), the journey would have become a 5 hour round trip on foot – much less appealing.

I decided to travel by train.  While this is my preferred method of public transport, it is limited by the (in)frequency of trains and cost of tickets.  If you miss your ride or someone throws themselves on the line (happened twice on my journeys-nothing to do with me), you may have to wait another hour for the next train to arrive.  While I have enjoyed the benefit of friends and family railcards in the past before my children grew up and became more expensive, I did not think it worth my while getting a student discount card for only a short period of time.  Although, if I would travel by train more frequently, it would certainly help save some pennies.

I also took the bus.  Slightly cheaper tickets make this mode of transport more appealing and buses conveniently arrive and depart from campus every 7 minutes.  So, you do not have to wait long for the next one, which is nice.  But, one time I got the bus home it took over an hour and three quarters.  Also, I feel motion sickness on buses and that is not a feeling I enjoy.   The downsdie is that these diesel-fuelled beasts are contributing to air pollution.  The other morning Leamington Spa was the most polluted town in the COUNTRY…at 0530am!!!!!  Perhaps electric buses would be a wise investment for the future health of people and the planet.

If you have a private jet or rocket pack, then those are also wonderful ways to travel to uni.  But I have not had the opportunity to try those -yet.  Nor horse and cart, which was the way my youngest daughter always dreamt of travelling to school; but I never obliged.

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