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All paths lead to somewhere

This weekend I helped my eldest daughter draft her first CV.  Next week she has interviews for her A-Levels.  We are already looking at universities and possible undergraduate courses, although she has not set her mind on what she wants to do.  While she finds this frustrating, I think it is good she has not decided yet.  I don’t like it when adults ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, as if there is a correct answer that they should already know.  There isn’t.  I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and I’m 44 this year!  I’ve had an amazing life so far and regret nothing and the best is yet to come!  Life experience shapes and guides you down all sorts of avenues you may not even know existed.  It’s quite exciting really.  But there is not one ‘right’ way to live life.

I am not a pushy mother (that’s my opinion!) but after her A-Levels, I want my daughter to take a gap year.  She can get her university offer and then defer for a year, so she can take a break from academia and experience the world.   I figured this would be the best option, considering how stressed she is with her current workload and having spoken to numerous students who attended Warwick straight from A-Levels.  That’s an awful long time to have been institutionalized; from the age of 4 till your early twenties.  I’m currently in my third year of a four year course and while I am loving this experience immensely, I too am ready for a break from academia.  So I won’t be continuing with my Masters straight after I graduate, after all.  But, I love learning stuff and we never stop learning.  But there is no need to cram it all in as soon as possible and tick off those check boxes quick sharp.   Life is too short to be rushed.  Enjoy every moment and know it’s OK not to know what your future holds.  Sometimes, when you stop and breathe, things become clearer.  Or, you can always check out careers advice.

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    Glad to hear she is doing well! All the best with her exams and university applications <3


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