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Hi All,

I hope you are keeping well amid the national lockdown!

I know that a lot of students are missing an engagement with the arts, and in particular theatre, so I wanted to write about an incredibly important upcoming show called All In Your Head, which will be streamed on YouTube 14 February 7pm:

The show is conceived and directed by Lucy Dear, with the aim to raise awareness on domestic abuse and coercive control. Calls to domestic abuse helplines have doubled since lock down – evidencing that ‘staying home’ hasn’t equaled ‘staying safe’ for everyone.

All In Your Head was initially intended to be performed in May 2020 as part of Camden People’s Theatre festival, Calm Down Dear, however after receiving funding from Arts Council England, the show has adapted to a new digital format.

I was lucky enough to speak with Lucy Dear about how she has utilised her skills as a theatre-maker and applied theatre practitioner to create the show. Warning signs, red flags. and psychological abuse and its hidden and insidious effects will be brought to light through the narrative of this online performance through live scenes and verbatim accounts contributed by survivors. This new piece of work crafted by writer Safaa Benson-Effiom will be followed by a post-show panel discussion and Q&A with survivors, academics and representatives from women’s support organisations.

Also, Lucy discussed how creating this one-woman show has created a portal for her and the creative team to draw upon the voices of many women’s stories, while also speaking to how isolating experiencing this form of abuse can be.

This show is a ‘pay-what-you-can’ performance to ensure that everyone can access the material, regardless of how much anyone is able to pay.

I encourage you to buy tickets as soon as possible to support the high quality of creative work involved and engage with important issues prevalent in our society today!

More information:


Twitter account: @AllInYourHeadUK@CamdenPT

Instagram account:@AllInYourHeadDear

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Emma Barnard | Theatre & Performance Studies Contact Emma

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