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All about the lovely Leamington Spa

I’ve lived in Leam these past couple of years and I love it. I thought I’d talk about the reasons why I chose Leamington for first years looking at living here, along with some hidden gems for current students in Leam. 

Pros of Leamington:

For me the pros outweigh the cons. I never considered living anywhere else as my housemates wanted to live in Leam and my other friends live here, hence all my social life and meet-ups are in Leamington.


  • Very sociable: There’s a vast array of pubs, bars, restaurants and of course neon, smack, Kelsey’s and Viallis. During my three years at uni, nightlife has been heavily centred around Leamington, though there is Kasbah in Cov. 
  • Amenities: The high street is lovely and there’s a lot of shops compared to Earlsdon/ Canley (though less than in Coventry city centre which has a HUGE primark). There are also a plethora of pharmacies, hairdressers, takeaways and restaurants etc. You can study in the Leamington learning grid or the library for the days you don’t want to go onto campus.
  • The scenery: Leamington is a picturesque town. I’ve spent a lot of time in Jephson Gardens during Summer and there’s some nice running routes. There is also a 5k park-run at Newbold Comyn and so many organised events such as the Christmas light switch on & Christmas markets held on Sundays. 


Hidden offers in Leam:

  • Tuesday bowling: on Tuesdays bowling is 50% off, along with all drinks. So for around £5 you get a pint and a bowl and it’s such a laugh- I have some really nice memories from tenpin Leamington.
  • Wing Wednesday at the Clarendon: the Clarendon is my favourite pub- on Wednesdays they have 25p wings and a pub quiz which is tonnes of fun. On Tuesdays they also have 25p pancakes, along with retro gaming.
  • Vue cinema: the cinema is 2-4-1 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with meerkat movies, making a film around £3 each. Download the app hold (great for procrastination) and you can get free popcorn each time you visit too!


North Leam vs South Leam:

  • I live in north Leam and I prefer it as it’s closer to uni (I drive though so don’t have issues with buses). It’s also got a nicer, more peaceful feel to it and closer to Tesco. However, south Leam has pros above north Leam, and houses are closer to neon, Kelsey’s etc.
  • South Leam has more of a student feel to it and I would’ve loved to have lived there one year for a change. There’s generally more going on in the sense that for meeting up with friends I’m always visiting people in south Leam as more live there than north.


Take into account:

  • Buses: In north Leam the bus situation is bad. If you have a lecture at 10am, you need to get a bus at 9am and get in at 9:20 because after 9:15, the buses fill up in south Leam and drive straight past you. Luckily I car share with my housemates so don’t have this issue. Nevertheless, if you live in south Leam you add an extra 15 minutes onto your journey during rush hour. 
  • Transport further afield: The transport links for me would be better if I lived in Coventry. I’m from Preston and there’s a direct train from Cov unlike Leamington. However, I only go home once or twice a term and drive anyway so this isn’t an issue if you don’t visit home much. It’s fairly cheap to get to London and really easy to get to Birmingham from Leamington. 


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    I am very much interested in being a student blogger, but I can’t seem to find any information to apply for the role. With that in mind, could you share your experience in applying and the procedure for it?

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