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Advice for your second year (economics student)

Daira Povez Gamboa Peru
I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
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During the last weeks, I have been asking some of my second year economics friends about how are they finding the content; if they are behind or not. Some of them were very optimistic while others (the majority) were like: Daira, I am dying and it is just week 2/3.

one question could be: is this normal? does every second year feel this way? I would say that it is very common around economics student at Warwick. My graduated friends alerted me about how difficult second year would be; but they encourage me to make the most of it and then the degree is almost done.

Why does this happen? I would say that happing 3 core modules is hard as we have to take them through all the year and the content is just a lot: we have macroeconomics 2, microeconomics 2 and econometrics. However, it is not impossible. I remember how lost I felt when I was in term 1/2 before some tests; but when I was revising for the summer exams everything makes a lot of sense. I was like: “how I didn’t get it before?”. It was so rewardable to explain some exercises (I did not use to understand before) to some friends and test my new abilities and skills.

It is not impossible and I am pretty sure that if you were admitted into Warwick, it is because you are capable enough to successfully pass year 2; with a good grade of course.

I always highlight that everything is about time management. If you know how to divide your time between studying and socialising you will be more than fine.

Another factor that make this year complicated is summer internship applications. Whether you are interested in finance, consulting or another sector, you will be applying for internships and the process is never easy at all. There is a lot of rejection involved, effort, interviews, technical knowledge to learn and at the end when you receive your offer, happiness. It is hard but rewardable!

Nevertheless, this clearly increases the difficulty as we have many things to do, many things to care about in such a small period of time. My advice for this is to apply early, to have a spreadsheet with all the firms you are applying, the deadlines, interviews… Also, networking is important and I think Warwick is a good start: attend many events as possible, talk to people and don’t feel free to ask for help. That is how I got to meet so many people and received amazing and insightful advice. Life is a cycle of giving and receiving so don’t feel afraid to ask for help and of course help others too.

In relation to the modules, it is always important to do all the content before the live lectures, ask questions to professors, go to advice and feedback hours if needed and make effective study groups!

As I always say, “If I did it, you can do it too”. so don’t give up and feel free to reach me if you have any further question or advice!

Daira Povez Gamboa Peru
I'm a very sportive girl. I work out every day,…
Find out more about me Contact Daira

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