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Advice for your first week at Warwick University and settling in

I’m sure many of you reading this will be coming to Warwick this October as a Fresher and although it might seem daunting to leave home, your family and friends, university is an amazing experience so here’s some insight to help you make the most of it and to welcome you. #warwick2017!

When you arrive at your halls, you’ve unpacked everything and said your goodbyes, go and knock on people’s doors in your corridor, pop to the kitchen to meet any new arrivals and put your name up on your door. You’ll make many friends at university but some of the most important ones will be who you share your kitchen and corridor with in your first year. They’ll become a great support network, stress relief and provide you with a lot of laughter over the course of your first year and may potentially be people that you will live with in the future. Getting to know them will also make living with them a lot easier as you can understand and respect their beliefs and how to get along well together.

It might seem simple but just decorating your room with some posters, photographs, books and trinkets will make it feel more like home and comfortable for you and should help you to settle in a little better too. As it will be freshers, make sure you make the most out of all the events that will be going on during this time. Go out and have fun at the fresher’s fairs, sign up to sports clubs and societies and go clubbing in the evenings to make new friends and have fun! The first week will be the best time to meet people and to have fun as you won’t have much on in terms of your studies and everyone is in the same boat in as they are also trying to settle in and find their feet.

Although your study timetable may be sparse in the first week, it is CRUCIAL that you do go to any introductory lectures that you are scheduled to go to. These can be the difference between you understanding topics and approaches or sitting there wondering what your lecturer is rambling on about. Definitely go to any form of study skills or essay writing seminars as it is very different writing at university level and it took me a long time to understand how to format and write in the correct way. Above all though, your first year at university is all about enjoying yourself, grabbing as many opportunities as you can, meeting and networking with as many people as possible and getting at least 40% to pass and get to the next year.

Thanks for reading! Kristie

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