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Advice for freshers

Hi everyone!

Congratulations on your results!

I remember my university confirmation excitement being quickly dominated by my nerves of coming to university – will I make friends? How much of myself will I need to change to fit in?

Completely normal – I want to assure you that every single student has these thoughts, do not worry!

Remember, there are thousands of students at Warwick, you will definitely meet many like-minded people who you can hang out with. Whether it be through your course, flatmates or societies, or even just a random conversation with a stranger at a cafe, it is literally impossible to avoid making friends at uni – you have to try really really hard to avoid doing so.

Don’t stress if you don’t “click” with people straight away, I became closer to some of my flatmates towards the end of the year, and we are really good friends now! Even if you don’t have much in common with the people you meet, remember you both do have in common the desire to make friends: you both can learn so much from each other!

Get involved in freshers activities.

I can’t stress this enough! Freshers is a great time to meet new people because everybody is in the same boat. If you are somebody who doesn’t like the nightlife scene, get involved in daytime activities such as sports, board games or even debating *woop*. There is so much to do and something for everybody, make the most of your time!

Don’t stress about finding flatmates for second-year.

This will happen naturally. Whilst it would be great to mention this closer to the time when you may be searching for houses, from experience, I know that everybody worries about this pretty much from day one. It seems like everyone has formed super close friendships and you are the exception – been there done that! My second-year flatmates were lovely, and whilst we decided to live with each other in November, we only confirmed a house through Warwick accommodation in March, and it worked out really well compared to my other friends who rushed everything.

And on that note: Use Warwick Accommodation. (If available).

So many people suggest against house hunting through Warwick because of all the rules they have in place, which private landlords tend to be much more lenient about. Firstly, there is no deposit through Warwick – massive bonus! But secondly, all those rules that Warwick have in place are for your own benefit, not theirs. Yes, they will ensure that there is a smoke alarm in the house, no it is not worth going privately just so you can smoke inside. If you decide to go private, Warwick does offer a lot of help with searching for good agencies which I recommend.

Balance is key and especially important at university which is about “finding yourself” as much as it is about studying. Don’t be that person that spends every moment studying, and equally, don’t be that person who leaves everything till the last minute. Find a good balance which works for you, and stick with it.

Enjoy yourself.

I always cringed slightly when I heard students saying this, of course, I am going to try and have fun… But honestly, as cliche as it sounds: you are about to embark on what may just be the greatest years of your life, and however daunting that may be, I promise you that it all works out in the end: make the most of every experience that comes your way!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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